Monday, August 22, 2011

ramble ramble

I confess...I'm bullet-pointing but will warn you that most still have a post-op theme. 
  • Five-and-a-half months till projected recovery is less than six months...every day is one less.
  • I've had HORRID eating habits.  MM goes back to work tomorrow and I'm going back to eating well.  I will NOT deprive myself.  I NEED food to heal, especially protein.  My body may only walk 1m a day, not 9 (and a slow one), but healing burns calories.  The scale is up a bit but not terribly which is proof (and it is in a range I told myself was fine as a post-op spike).
  • Read two more books since my review post last week (Harper ones) to come.  One more on my to-read shelf and three en route (used via Amazon...all under a buck so shipping still made them a good deal).
  • Shocking discovery a few weeks ago: I totally love beef jerky.  Seriously.  I'd NEVER EVER have imagined that one.  Frankly, it was available the day after a bit too much fun (our last pre-op hurrah) and I NEED food in that state.  But I've had it totally un-hungover and still found it additively good.
  • Still love Pizza Mia for fireballs, cookies, and wraps, but Hofbrau may win for pizza.  Even if they lack a website (and delivery).
  • More in character...I also love Vitamin Water Zero and Lifewater 0.  I know they aren't health food, but they are yummy.  And it is easier on my tummy these days than too many bubbles.
  • We fed the duckies again today.  There are now two gimpy ducks.  I did my part for my duckie-counterparts to ensure they got lots of bread.
  • Waddle, waddle.  The person who has me hooked on this song (well, actually only this line...'cause I kinda waddle), knows who she is.
  • Major thanks to the lady on the back forum ho suggested I might be a bit allergic to the steri-strips.  Removing them (w/ the doc nod...they usually fall off but it had been long enough that it was safe to "help" them) did WONDERS for the itching that I blamed on healing.
  • You meet a lot of people when you wear a brace.  Today, I was asked (politely) if I'd had back surgery and if it worked.  A bit too early to tell but liked being a bit helpful with some info on the experience.
  • Small town love -- We were heading on our walk (short walks are a recovery must for this surgery) and the mail-lady was a few doors away.  She flagged us down b/c she recognized me and needed a signature.  I signed and then she brought it to the door with the rest of the mail.  Loved that she knew me AND went out of her way to make the day a bit easier by saving me a trip to the PO.
  • Looking forward to revisiting Pushing Daisies and exploring Wonderfalls thanks to a lovely friend from girlhood who remains on my list of awesome folks 25 years later.  Been watching my gift-to-myself DVDs of Community season 1.  TV on DVD rocks when your medical state makes committing to a movie a bit hard sometimes.
  • My days are going to feel long w/o my treadmill time (and with MM back to work tomorrow).  I have my walks, but they aren't (and shouldn't be) as long.  Which makes the second bullet-point an extra challenge.

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