Thursday, May 28, 2009

short rambles/rants

I confess...I don't know how to spell-out a good *throat clearing noise*

  • It bugs me more than it probably should when applicants write "Dear Sir" on emails that come in to our general office email address. I know "Dear Sir or Madam" is cumbersome, but still... I have NO problems with some use of him/his as a filler for our lack of gender neutral pronouns and think that has become acceptable shorthand in most circles. I haven't heard that "Dear Sir" is an acceptable address when you don't know the recipient's gender.
  • I tried and failed to not get annoyed at the mom and sick kid on my train. I told myself they might be on the way to a doctor and might not have any other transport. I still cringed every time he coughed, especially once he sat down next to me and when he seemed like he actively tried to touch every pole and surface around (even though it so wasn't intentional, he clearly felt awful).
  • It is May 28. I wore my hat and scarf. I was glad I had them...and still cold. New England is mean.
  • I think the kabob place needs to get a Frequent Buyer Punchcard. We should get some reward for how often we go there (lately though a few too many midweek treats...).
  • I am tired of hearing the phrase "The man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller". I do think it is funny they had a whole discussion about what to call him at trial and the Judge decided to just call him "the defendant" (though I wouldn't like that as defense counsel).
  • What is it that makes me unable to pass up free stuff? I took an energy drink can from a gal outside the T today. I don't drink those, especially ones with sugar. But I also figured they are pricey and I couldn't NOT take a three dollar handout. I preferred though when they had Quaker Minis a few times...I already buy those so saved money by trying to grab a few (not their goal).
  • Happy three year and one day anniversary, Boy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

by majority vote...

I confess...that I don't believe in democracy.

That is, I don't believe in democracy in its truest form. I don't think the majority should always rule. I think that the basic rights of people simply aren't appropriate subjects for a vote. It will often be in the majority's interest to limit the rights of a minority and we need to safeguard against this.

Honestly, I don't know the full span of the legal debate in California. I can't say the decision was "wrong" on legal grounds since the justices had a pretty narrow issue before them of procedure. If the proposition met the requirements, then their hands were a bit tied. I just don't like the system that allows for such an easy route to wiping away people's basic and fundamental rights.

Interracial marriage would not have passed a majority rule test when it first became law. The majority was wrong. And now we see it. I only hope that there are brave enough law-makers out there to help move gay marriage forward And that in 50 years, it will seem just so obvious (okay, it already does to me...but to the majority) that it was right.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I is time for another ramble..
  • The woman across from me on the T was indulging in a self-massage. I guess it is good to use the commute to relax, but it was a bit much...she rubbed her earlobes, neck, back of her head, top of her scalp, fingers, and wrists for about 20min or so.
  • I will be in my 45-50 mpw zone this week, not over.
  • I need a break. I've used a couple days off lately but not for anything resembling fun or relaxation.
  • I saw an ad on craigslist looking for an attorney to help in a dispute. It said "Must be willing to work for compensation." I'm guessing they mean contingency...
  • I got a resume for an attorney job this week where the guy didn't include his JD on the resume (but did have one)
  • I have a highly addictive personality. I think it is important that I know that.
  • I don't think TV shows should get summers off when I don't.
  • I really want to introduce myself to a couple of my fellow habit-driven commuters. I get on the train with the same people in the same spot so often and feel like I "know" them.
  • I told Boy I'd see Star Trek. I think I'd enjoy it more if I snuck in a flask and made up a drinking game. Not that I drink anything flask-oriented.
  • I understand that people were pissed when they got stuck on the T yesterday during a power outage but it really doesn't seem to me to be at all akin to the accident a few weeks ago and I don't think it shows incompetence.
  • I think we probably need some sort of tax increase in MA. Really, it isn't the Tax-achusetts people think it is.
  • I do still have some pain but also think the surgery did help a isn't as bad or as constant. This is good.
  • I feel lazier than usual. Work quotas become counter-productive once you meet them and lack any incentive to go beyond them (which would make it harder to meet next week's)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

willful ignorance

I confess....that I sometimes just don't want to know.

Boston is looking to join the club in posting calorie counts on chain menus. I'm a big fan of the ability to know what you are eating and of steps to improve our nation's health. I think our waistlines are a huge danger, both to our public health and to our economic well-being (health care costs, lost productivity, etc). But I'm not sure I'm a big fan of this specific proposal.

Right now, the info on nutrition for many chains is available online. I'd like it to be even more available, especially on the front-line of the decision process (even if I'm one of three people left without Internet on their cell phones). But I think I'd rather they require a poster by the door and pamphlets at the counters over the menu proposal. I do get that some people may NEED this to be in their face to pay attention to it. But I also think a lot of those same people will still ignore it or won't garner much meaning from it. For me, I am pretty much a calorie-counter 5 of 7 days a week but I really like the option to NOT know sometimes.

I also worry what it will do to people with active eating disorders or even those who are just on the verge. There are people for whom the info may (heck, will) be a trigger for very unhealthy disorders. Obesity is not the only problem out there.

On the legal side, I do wonder about the "forced speech" issue but don't recall nearly enough about it to make an actual analysis. Sounds like a very interesting final exam question though....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I confess....that I've said this before.

I think I would be well-served by cutting a bit off my weekly running routine. I'm feeling VERY burnt out on it and spend way too much time feeling sore or stiff. I'm around my goal weight (well, most days...I am a fluctuater) so just in maintenance mode. I've been getting in over 50 miles most weeks including both treadmill time and "productive walking" (i.e. T to office). Really, that isn't necessary if you aren't training for a race. And I'm not.

It is odd though to cut back. It isn't the same sort of goal as increasing miles is...and in a way I find it harder. I don't want to ever have a "punish" mentality so I don't want to "be in trouble" if I go too high. There's just a logistical oddity to cutting down that I can't verbalize well. I don't want to permanently cut out a full day. But I think maybe a 42-50 miles range is better than my 50+. I did 45 last week (Su-Sa)....while recovering from surgery...the world did not explode.

I also think that the reduction might help with other issues. I usually take Friday and Saturday "off" from my anal food-tracking (though lately I've had some "Saturday-observed" days given a weird calendar). And I've been way overboard on those days lately. A LARGE part of that is mental/emotional driven (read: work-related). But I think some may be about the mileage too.

I can't make any promises. But I'm going to TRY and REALLY TRY, not just lip-service, to cut back a bit and just slow down.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I confess...that I am mad people can't read my mind.

I'm recovering from a minor surgical procedure. I've finally gotten past the worst of the swelling from it (they pump gas into your abdomen resulting in a darn puffy tummy) but I still have soreness at the incisions and suspect that issue will hang around for a bit.

I get nervous every time I have to ride the train that I'll get bumped in the tummy and it feels a bit jarring on the cuts when I've had to stand. When I've stood, I try to look pathetic and make someone want to offer their seat. It hasn't worked (though I've been fairly lucky and gotten not-too-crowded rides). When I had a running injury a couple summers back, I wore a full leg brace for a week. I wasn't offered a seat every time, but was more often than not. But no one can see that I'm hurting now. Similarly, no one can see why I wasn't on my feet right away when an older lady got on the train this AM....they didn't know I needed a seat too.. I felt guilty b/c I knew they couldn't read my mind. I want a sign to hold explaining myself (I also want this for my reduced-capacity workout...really I normally go faster!).

I'm trying to use this to remind myself about assumptions. I have patience with the elderly lady on the staircase who takes her time but not so much with the "healthy young person." But what do I know? I mentally shake my head at the lady using a 3lb dumbbell for bicep curls but maybe she just got a cast off a bad break. Assumptions are dangerous.

But, then again, could we really function without them? We rarely have ALL the information we need. We have to fill in gaps with our best guess or we'd be a bit paralyzed.

Coming back to the T. I debated yesterday asking someone for his seat. Should I have? Should I give him the info that his assumption may be inaccurate? Or would doing so be assuming he doesn't have even more of a need for the seat (and would take a HUGE pride hit if he admitted it to a woman asking for chivalry)?

I think too much.