Monday, March 21, 2016

Introducing The Healthiest Sick Gal You Know

Amid the chaos of moving, I decided to split off this blog into two separate sites.  This one will continue to host book reviews and hopefully get back to some of the more random musings that earn me the title moniker.  A new site, launched today, will deal more specifically with health issues (fitness stuff may bridge the two).  Please check out The Healthiest Sick Gal You Know and the first post in a series talking about the use of medications to manage chronic pain (spoiler: I used some tough meds over the years and even after a grueling withdrawal process, I don't regret it and I think it's important to remember these drugs DO have a legitimate use...don't let the "bad guys" stigmatize those who use pain meds to survive actual physical pain in accordance with their doctor's guidance).