Sunday, November 24, 2013

Non-Fiction Review -- Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol (Johnston)

Someday I'll blog more regularly again.  But I do want to at least keep up my reviews since 1) I promise to as part of the whole "getting free advance copies" deal and 2) I like the basic idea of book reviews from normal folks. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

a moment to grieve

I keep thinking I'll find the time to blog again and it keeps not happening.  My father was always really interested in my writing....heck, he wanted to read my ghost-blogging stuff too but 'fessing up kinda defeats that whole "ghost" idea....  Since he loved the idea of the blog, he deserves a post. 

We had a complicated relationship, but it grew and prospered as I became an adult.  I still called him "Daddy," even if I drew looks.  He wanted nothing more than for those he loved to be happy.  He also wanted to help people...which is, sadly, all-too-rare in his chosen field of neurosurgery.  His staff always had kind words for him...I believe that the way people treat those who are "lower on the office food chain" is one of the best measures of a person.

He passed away very suddenly on Tuesday November 5.  He was 66.  He'd done three miles that day and then felt ill.  One moment he was here, the next he was gone.  I didn't get to say good bye and that saddens me.  The last time we talked, he'd woken me from a nap and I was groggy and asked if we could start aiming for a different time of day (he had an uncanny ability to wake me!).  But I know he knew I loved him.  I also know he loved me and the other members of our family, be they of blood or of heart. 

Goodbye Daddy.  I love you.