Saturday, August 27, 2011


I confess...I really only have a couple "moments" in mind as I start this but expect I'll feel inclined to add more...

  • At TGI Fridays for dinner last night, I spotted a toddler walking a bit and gszing at me (Mom was close behind so no worries).  Not sure why, but this kid was FASCINATED by me.  She said "hi" just once but visited several times.  Each time, she walked up (we were in a very small to a side deal) and placed her hand lightly on my forearm and then just stared up at me for a good minute.  She wouldn't shake hands or say a word.  Mom clearly made sure I was cool with it and said she visits a lot when waiting but she'd never seen her reach out physically to a stranger.  I've had young girls go for the hair, but nothing like this.  Total pool of melty-ness where my heart had been.  After the fact, I have decided she was trying to make me get better.
  • After dinner, we stopped at BK.  They advertised a new soft-serve machine.  My love for McD's cones is well-documented but BK is MUCH closer and I needed to try (verdict: good, but not the same).  We were near home.  To call our town a suburb of State College is overstating the size of both SC and our town, but it gives the concept.  We share a border and I'd refer to SC if asked where I live by non-locals.  An older man stopped us as we were leaving.  MM had his fancy fun car and the guy wanted to chat about it and share his own fast-driving tales.  One involved a drive to Philly.   He presumed we knew the goal of "City Line Drive" (we do but we'e both from out that way.....3.5h or so).  However, before embarking on the tale, he kindly checked: "Do you know where State College is?"  We were nice and said "Yes" (and too baffled to say anythig else) but I'm curious what he'd had said if we said "No."  "Well, see it is about three miles that way and likely where 75% of this town works and plays."
  • In early elementary school (age 7 1/2), Gloria hit NYC.  A benefit of apartment dwelling is one can still visit a friend during a hurricaine and I very vividly recall standing at Michael W.'s window looking out.  We felt so very wise as we remarked people might be confused but should not think the storm was done because it was actually just the eye of the hurricaine.  I have rarely in life felt so incredibly knowledgable.  Though I will admit I still experience moments where I doubt the general public.
  • I have become a huge fan of "Linner".  Why save combo meals for Brunch?  I love a 2:30 main meal with lighter fare in the evening.  Actually, I guess that's pretty European.  Which explains why it is uncommon to find others doing it in the quiet world of Central PA (which I actually LOVE, even if I'm shaking my head a bit today at small town life).

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