Thursday, February 23, 2012

b/c i don't read ALL the time

I has been a bad week.  An unexpected increase in my expenses and less than lovely interactions with the X.  A lot of tears, which means a horrid not-responsive-to-Imitrex migraine.  But I really don't want to talk about any of that.

I am the type to leave the TV on in the background during the day but I only have a handful of appointment shows.  Please don't talk during them....I definitely "nest" rather than "hunt" when it comes to watching them.  I've given up a number of shows this year (NCIS, Good Wife) for one reason...or no real reason at all.  Or b/c On Demand is mean (see not updating Parenthood).  I hate to admit this, but I think the shows give my week a bit of structure and more normalcy than I might have given the long-term unemployment.

My appointment shows:
  • Once Upon a Time -- I normally am not a fairy-tale, fantasy gal but I've been hooked since Day One.  I have a Bad Girl crush on the Evil Queen/Regina.  Some of the acting (the darn kid) leaves me cold but others blow me away (Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltsken, Regina/EQ).  I love the gradual flushing out of backstories using different focal tales.
  • How I Met Your Mother -- I joined this train really late but there are enough reruns that I'm pretty sure I caught up in a summer.  I'll agree that it needs to move on and a lot of this season has been less than lovely (house party ep sucked) but then they throw in an episode like this week's and hook me again.
  • Glee -- I keep debating dropping this one, which MM wouldn't mind (though it does give him an hour to go play his Xbox game w/o me asking him to spend time with me).  This one is more a habit at this point and I suspect I'll eventually abandon it and just read recaps to see what happened since I do still have mild curiosity.
  • The Middle - IMO, the most under-rated and under-watched show on TV.  It is just a simple family show, never "edgy" and always something that kids and parents could both enjoy.  The characters are well-done and it never fails to bring me a little joy and warmth.  The Hecks bicker but always have each others backs (often in secret, esp the teen boy).  It is one of the few, maybe even the only, show I can think of that rings true and real.
  • Community -- It's coming back next month!!  Pure opposite in some ways of The Middle since it definitely is quirky and uses a lot of storytelling devices.  I love the characters and the relationships.  I do find it has a few "misses" for me (I hated the beloved Paintball episodes) but the "hits" are simply amazing work.  Creative and always different.  And it has Abed.  I love Abed.
Five shows...Not so bad, right?  Just don't call during them.  Or speak unless it is directly show-related and no one on screen is speaking at the same time (my ears aren't good at competing noises). 

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Lauren Starks said...

i'm still digging on Whitney, which I know you didn't particularly like.

I tried "New Girl," with Zooey Deschanel for a bit, but it's really not held my interest very well.

Otherwise, The Office, Biggest Loser (my guilty pleasure) and OUAT.

I basically live for Sundays though. Stupid Oscars.