Friday, February 10, 2012

The Anti-Bad Review: Stuff the Rambler Loves

I confess...I want to counteract my negative review (didn't share the link on FB, only posted b/c it was an advance copy so I'd agreed to review it).  So, let's do things The Rambler is loving:
  • Hoffbrau & Mama Lucruezia -- The Hoff has awesome pizza (not that I had it last night or, even if they don't have a website and don't deliver. Mama L is the best delivery pizza and has flippin' awesome pierogies (non-fried but not exactly healthy given the amount of garlic butter).
  • The Middle -- Best show no one's watching.  Total heart.  The family feels incredibly real with bickering and spats but they always have each other's back in the end (i.e. the teen boy stands up for his dorky sister but would never admit it).  It's actually a non-cable show that a family could watch together.  The actress who plays Sue says she's never recognized -- IMHO, that's the sign of truly inhabiting a role that isn't just a carbon copy of the actor (helps that she's 20 and the character is about 16).
  • Rest Days -- I am hoping I really just need them and haven't fallen off the wagon, but I've taken some very light w/o days of late.  I am liking the fact that this meant listening to my body when it howled.
  • Sleep -- Do people know about this thing?  Nasty bout with insomnia where I didn't get more than a couple hours Sun, Mon, Tues, or Wed.  Finally slept well on Thursday and it helped SO much.
  • Blogs -- I read too many. 
  • Jennifer Weiner -- I needed a "breather" after my last book.  She writes reliably good "chick lit" that isn't TOO chicky.  I'm a picky chick-lit reader....a lot feels too fluffy or too obsessed with shopping and boys....Weiner is a reliable pick when I need mental candy.
  • Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper -- What?   I've mentioned that before?
  • Room heating options -- It helps that it has been mild, but we haven't had to refill the oil reserves thatnks to an electric fireplace in the living room and an area heater in the bedroom.  They do impact the electric bill but it is still a LOT less than the oil heat would cost and it keeps it in the room we need.  I was nervous (my Mom passed on some paranoias) but they are much safer than they once were.
  • The Centre County Gazette -- For letting me play reporter.  This week's is slow to load online for me but page 9 has my little piece on the United Way Campaign End Celebration (luckily they got some good photos from someone else...mine sucked!).  I get a small stipend...which carries me back to the first bullet (with a bit leftover....the good side of not delivering is not paying a delivery tip!).