Tuesday, February 7, 2012

some random political ponderings

I confess....I'm gonna get political up in here...

  • I'm thrilled that California courts stood up for marriage equality.  This it truly an issue where I just don't get the opposition.  If your religion prevents gay marriage, don't get one....and no one will even make your church perform one.  Marriage is a legal status that should be open to consenting adults regardless of gender.
  • What would the groups saying religious employers shouldn't have to cover the pill say about me?  Okay, the "no baby" part helps and all, but I take it to STAY UPRIGHT.  Without the pill, I cannot function.  I haven't heard whether the anti-pill folks care about this...
  • I will likely vote for Obama. I can't decide if I'd prefer an easier opponent to beat or prefer someone I'd rather see in office if Obama loses. In 2000, I voted for McCain in the primary....I didn't have the time to caucus, VA had an open Republican primary, and I preferred him to Bush.
  • Moon colony?  Really?!? 
  • PACs are scary. 
  • I have said this before (heck, I've said all this before), but I wish we could require a certain proportion of campaign money be matched with charitable funds.  Or money towards the national debt.  If you can spend on glorified advertising, you can spend on something helpful too.  Yes, that is a value statement that political advertising is rarely helpful, at least in today's environment where there's plenty of news outlets available for true informational messaging. 
  • I prefer Colbert to Stewart.  That's more entertainment than political.  Then again, I'm not sure there's a difference these days.
Really, I mostly wanted to say the first of the bullets but felt the need to make a few more to round things out (and b/c a HS teacher said to never have just one item in a list).

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