Thursday, January 26, 2012

withdrawal set in...bullet-point time!

I confess...I'm in bullet-point withdrawal!!

  • After being sent home from PT on Monday, I drove to a doctor's office and made an appointment.   We're treating a couple issues and I do think I'm feeling a bit better.  The inventor of the effective medicine for tummy cramping is my hero.  Let's hope my insurance plays nice with the appointment and tests (blood, urine, and x-rays). 
  • I miss Zappy.  I had to send the TENS back b/c it was out of network.  I will look into another once the prior bullet point bills are cleared.
  • I believe in celebrating heroes.  I know Joe Paterno did a world of good for the school, even outside the football world.  I also think he truly felt like he lacked the tools to handle the allegations of abuse when they first surfaced.  I can't decide how I think this impacts his legacy.  I do think he should have done more but can't decide how much that should tarnish his good deeds.
  • I'm in love with Once Upon a Time, even though I hate the little boy and am bugged by the married David macking on Mary Margaret.  I can't quite buy the story some folks are spouting that his marriage to Kathryn doesn't count since it is part of the curse's delusional nature.  He THINKS he's married and he's cheating....that's enough to bother me.  That said, the Evil Queen/Regina is among the most deliciously evil characters ever.
  • I'm sad that Parenthood seems not to be adding new episodes to On Demand.  Neither is Up All Night so it may be an NBC issue.  We do have an internet-to-TV line but I need to learn how to use it, especially since these are more likely to be shows I watch on my own.
  • MM had never had Snickerdoodles before I made them last week.  Poor deprived boy!!
  • I go for a back follow-up next week (2/1).  Root for bone growth!
  • I haven't done well on gaining control of my weight and dropping the vanity pounds.  I'm also wondering if that's because my new set-point is higher than my "perfect" scale number.  Though I've also definitely failed to "earn" any losses given that I comfort eat when sick (yes, even when nausea is an felt better w/ brownies!).
  • I'm not quite done and the review will come, but I'm hugely disappointed in The Marriage Plot.  I don't care about the characters at all.  I see Eugenedies' brilliance in flashes but it is nowhere near the level of my Middlesex love. 
  • It has been a mild winter but I'm still cold.
  • I like blogs that have frequent dog pictures (puppy porn!!).  Even if they all make me a little sad since it isn't going to happen with my allergies. 
  • I buy MM random cards.  I suppose it was inevitable that I got one for the second time!  I've read them all in CVS and can't recall which I just read and which I bought.  And, yes, he knew it was a repeat.

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