Monday, January 30, 2012

bullet rambles....

I confess....
  • My little corner of the Internet hit 10,000 views (not counting folks on "readers"). Pretty cool, though not such a big number given that I've been blogging since mid-2009.
  • I love the movie Hook.  IMDB and then Wikipedia taught me the little boy became a lawyer and now a law prof at Case Western.  Mean Me thinks tie was not kind to his adorable-ness.  Mean Me feels guilty for saying
  • My Fight Like a Girl story posted last week.  It is largely about the endo journey w/ a bit of the back thrown in.
  • I have a doc appt on Wednesday.  Cheer my bones on!!  Hopefully I am fusing well.
  • PT was tough today and I'm not sure why.  Nothing new on the plate, just struggled through it all.  I have more walking to do but feel lazy.
  • I've been eating horribly lately.  And it shows on the scale and in my jeans.  I'm not motivated to improve though...
  • I'll post two book reviews soon, one I was sorely disappointed in and another that was a really nice surprise (a giveaway win).
  • Still loving Once Upon a Time but not a fan of the storyline in this week's coming attraction.  I do like getting more backstory involving the Evil Queen though....she is wonderfully acted and just superbly icy. 


Lee said...

Congrats on your blog number. I admit, sometimes I get lazy and read it in a reader, but I'll try to click over more!

There's some plug-in (for Chrome, I think) that allows you to comment straight from Google Reader and it gives the page views. I need to look into that.

The Rambling Blogger said...

no worries. i get to pretend it is really a lot higher this way!!