Friday, January 20, 2012

status update...way over 140 characters....

I confess....this is going to be a total ramble.

I've definitely been improving this week after nearly three solid weeks of physical troubles.  I'm still incredibly tired but I've tried to kind of let myself submit to it.  I'm typing from a warm bed because it just sounds better than the couch.  That is not a healthy forever solution, but I gave myself the full week to indulge such predilections.

I go to the back doc on February 1 for an early version of a six month exam (would be "due" 2/8).  Despite the struggle of the past month, I have finally noticed some small improvements. I move better.  My pain still maxes out at a 7 on the beloved pain scale, but I'm not there nearly as often as I had been even as recently as Thanksgiving.  I can get out of bed easier and I can even grab a dropped blanket in the night.  Seriously, folks, you don't know how nice that is!! 

I did talk to the PT a bit today about my continued lack of flexibility.  I've NEVER been a toe-toucher and I certainly don't expect it.  But I'm still getting only a bit past my knees whereas my "usual" norm was mid-to-lower calf.  I know I may have sacrificed a bit of movement with the fusion, but he is hopeful we can get some improvement.  He does amnual stretching for the hams each appt and suggested trying a doorway-lying stretch on my own a bit.  I will not be able to get my legs up straight in a right angle but he said to just do whatever angle I can for now and relax into it. 

We added a couple exercises today on the strength side and I'm already feeling them!  It included stability ball crunches although I only did about eight to start.  He was impressed though, as trainers have been, that I'm the exception to the "no hands behind your head" rule...I truly do just cradle my head in my intertwined hands without pulling on my neck or anything of the sort.  He said he was ready to jump in and stop me until he saw the form was spot-on.  He did have me try moving them just to help focus on the abs a bit since my back was feeling it a lot but said he'd generally allow me to do them "my" way since I keep it clean.  I do take pride in having always had pretty darn good form in the strength arena....not sure about running, though I'm still stuck in power-walk-land for now.

What else to tell? 

I'm wrapping up my little column in the local paper.  One piece was about our awesome mail lady.  I left it clipped to our doorside box one day, along with a note to her to check out the page.  Of course, the OTHER mail person shows AND has to knock with a package.  Poor MM answered and admitted it was kinda awkward.  The next day, the "right" mail person caught me over at PT and said a sweet thank you, along with an odd little bow (ummm...bow like tilting of the body, not like ribbon).  The editor also sent a note that another staff member was stopped by the mail lady's husband (also a mail person!!) and told to send a thanks.  I'll admit, it warmed me.

STILL on the job hunt.  I do enjoy my little law blog gig and I'm up to five pieces a week but that's pretty much just grocery and toiletries money so I do need another addition.  I'd very much like to get a gig w/ health insurance so I can stop having to be on X's...although it has been easier not to have to change in the midst of the post-op stuff.

Reading a lot.  Hiding from winter even though we've been pretty spoiled this year.  Made snickerdoodles last night (poor deprived MM had never had them!!!)...we'll neglect to talk about having to go to the store twice since I got eggs, butter, and vanilla, started the mixing and such, and then had to go back for baking powder (and that's after searching for a recipe w/o cream of tartar or shortening since I like that snickerdoodle ingredients are usually very much pantry staples that will get used for other stuff). 

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