Wednesday, September 7, 2011

rainy rambles

I confess...I had a screening interview that asked about my presentation style and I totally confessed my love for bulletpoints.
  • We got a reverse-911 emergency services call last night warning of 7+ inches of rain.  MM felt bad about it but did ask I try and tend to our wet basement occasionally during the day.  I started with a towel but that wasn't back friendly...filled half a gallon bucket with wetness that way and then wised up to using a sponge mop for the next half bucket.  Slower but back-friendlier.
  • MM and I survived my cooking last night.  Made my mussels dish.  Since it says to use pepper "to taste", I never put in the same amount and it was less spicy this time but still yummy and you could appreciate the tomato and basil flavors more.  Sadly, one plastic bowl did not survive my klutzy-ness.  It is well and good to pour the mussels into a bowl to serve more easily, but one should NOT put said plastic bowl on the stovetop when doing so (insert "I'm truly an idiot" smiley here).
  • First follow-up doc appt is tomorrow.  I'm still in a lot of pain and know as soon as four hours is up and the one med wears off.  I've tried to reduce it but my body isn't ready yet.  The weather does NOT help.  The appt also involves an x-ray which I'm nervous about.  Fusion surgery is kinda cool in that the surgeon facilitates but your body really does the healing by growing bone.  The x-ray will show if that's usually does, but some patients "fail to fuse" so fingers crossed.
  • I am thinking about a short-term style diet fix beginning sunday and then pretty much weekdays for a bit.  I do NOT usually recommend these but I DO think they can help for folks who generally have good habits and put on a few pounds due to an outlying event.  I will be sure it is a protein and calcium-rich plan and it won't be for too long...just getting back on track.  Waiting till Sun since there are dinner plans Thurs and Sat.
  • I am not girly, but my hair does go nutty in wet weather so I can be a bit of a rain-phobic.  I have also been feeling sympathy for the local teen girls as it has poured yesterday and today.  First two days of school AND frizz are not fun (well, I was clueless as a teen, but it would majorly suck for a non-total-dork).
  • Watched the first episode of Wonderfalls on DVD.  Totally fun, quirky world.  Speaking of which, I can't wait for Community to start.  My Abed love trumps over my total dislike for Chang.
  • Hoping to get the nod for PT from the doctor.  There's a new PT place really close to us but I can't find any history on it....or really on anything in our town.  My awesome Boston PT was asking around in State College for me but so far doesn't have a recommendation (he volunteered to help...we've stayed in touch regarding my progress and the surgery choice).  Everything is REALLY tight and I can't really stretch on my own.  And I want to build back muscle without harming anything so need the professional guide.
  • I was sent home from the hospital with a sponge-on-a-stick for foot and leg cleansing without bending.  I quickly upgraded to a nicer back brush.  Seriously, a new item on my favorite things list.  More for how great it feel on my back than the actual leg-cleansing that I bought it to do.  It will definitely remain post-healing.  (I want to give this a good review but don't want to create another freakin' login account...I have had no problems with the product).
  • I HATE the PSA that tried to tell parents their babies will all die of whooping cough if the parents aren't vaccinated.  They say "up to 80% of babies get it from family members."  Of course, that is only for babies who GET IT at all and the small print notes the statement only qualifies where they can identify the source.  Well, OF COURSE that's true.  Babies are around mostly family and professional caregivers, the latter of whom are likely required to keep up with vaccines.  And, if they get it from some stranger in an elevator, then there won't BE an identified source and it won't be counted towards the stat.
  • One bonus to central PA versus MA is that my fall allergies have at least waited until early-September instead of starting up in mid-August. 
  • Allergies make me think of puppies.  I like puppies.  No, I cannot have a hypoallergenic one...they STILL bother me.  And I want a golden lab.  I'll just keep a puppy in my head.  Bonus: no poop-scooping. 
  • An addition -- After hearing about it for a while, MM and I finally tried Pinnacle Gummy.  We all know I'm a red wine girl (promise I'm not as much a lush as I sound like!!), but the Pinnacle flavors are kinda cool...esp the chocolate whipped cream!  Gummy seriously tastes like Swedish Fish....well, vodka soaked Swedish Fish (I recall folks soaking gummy bears, but not the red fish). It is a bit eerie.


Anonymous said...

That commercial drives me CRAZY too! "Parents most often spread pertussis," as if this was the primary thing that parents do with their time. Fear-mongering *and* bad grammar.

And I'm a total wuss about cooking shellfish at home. I'm always convinced I'm going to poison myself. I'm glad it turned out well for you!

Lesley said...

I have luckily never seen that commercial - maybe it is an American thing.

Hope to read good news about your back on the next post- good luck at the xray.

Please email me when you get a chance.