Friday, September 23, 2011

bulletpoint withdrawal...

I confess....I'm feeling bullet-point withdrawal:

  • Dear Service Folks -- 8-12 is a decent-sized window.  If a customer calls at 1 when no one has showed for said window, the customer is unlikely to react well to being told the window has changed to 8-5.  Especially if you are befuddled when it is suggested you might have TOLD the customer of the change.
  • I love Community.  Okay, I love Abed.  Well, I love most of the other folks too but would be quite pleased to see Chang disappear.
  • I also love the ad with Jimmy Fallon seeing his pie-chart shows a small group that does NOT like more money and where he then argues with a toddler in the "no phase".  But I'll admit that the first time I referenced it I didn't get the product right so it may not be all that effective.  And the second time I named the wrong Jimmy...which is more about my clueless-ness.  I'd be a lovely person for a famous person to sit next to on a plane.  I'd leave them alone since I would not recognize them (unless it was Abed).
  • Still arguing with the scale.  It is also being tempermental.  I may have tried stepping on it a couple times in a row and saw different numbers (by over a pound and a half).  Like I need a factor to add in to my mental issues....yes, I could decide it is even MORE meaningless but I'm more likely to feel the need to check several times in a row.
  • Recovery update -- Just frustrated.  With still having pain when I feel like I shouldn't and with the darn brace I have to wear when I'm out of bed.
  • Another blog linked to this book: Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed Down World.  I read pieces on the Amazon preview and was intruigued (but haven't ordered it yet).  The theme isn't new...the sad lack of intelligence and the fact that it is socially acceptable to know the names of Housewives while not knowing the branches of our government...but it does seem really well-done.  I'll wait till I can get a cheap used version though...and till I'm in the right mood for it.
  • How have I become a TLC watcher?
  • I have a love for small companies.  I had a not-so-great experience though with a smaller beef jerky brand (another addiction I did NOT see coming) and did let them know.  They offered to send another flavor to see if I'd change my mind.  When I was indecisive and asked for advice (re which might have less of the greasy feel that turned me off before), they said that they were mailing both.  Not naming the company since it isn't a product-rave, but the service at a small company is always so much nicer than a big name.
  • A post by another blogger made me confess in her comments that I often refer to bloggers I follow as "friends" even though I may not actually know them.   Oddly, I probably know more about some of the ladies who post regularly than I do about some "real life" friends.  I do appreciate the few people who are both bloggers and real-lifers. 
  • MM had a seven day week last week.  I am glad he only has a three day week this time.  When I want to be, I can call myself an only child (steps and halfs but none grew up in my home) and I guess I don't want to share him with his office.
P.S.  I'm curious how the FB revamp affects people seeing this since I know several folks come over from my FB status updates.


Lee said...

Jason thinks I'm silly for wanting this, but have you heard about this scale that only shows you if you've gained or lost weight instead of the actual number? I really feel like that'd be helpful for me.

The Rambling Blogger said...

i don't think that i'd like that. MM says i should enter my info and it might be better but i do NOT want it showing anymore numbers (hydration, body fat) for me to obsess over.