Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Compromise, Ramber-Style, and a Time Machine Toddler Me

I confess....I felt bad breaking it to MM that the duckies will be leaving soon.

Compromise in our home is unique.  I had wanted to see Bridesmaids so he agreed to watch it On Demand and I agreed to go feed the ducks.  Though he made out well since Bridesmaids was a lot raunchier than I expected and more his huor than mine.  We actually need to finish it tonight since he had to make an emergency run to the office and we didn't get to finish it.  Another recent compromise....he stopped to get me a treat, I agreed to taking the top off his "fun" car while driving around (fun but the volume and the long hair are issues for me).

I also swear I saw a time machine version of myself at the park.  There was a pre-school aged girl with crazy messy curls (I had Shirley Temple ringlets...still wavy/curly but I blow dry it straight) who was there with her mom.  She was trying to talk to a big group of very loud ducks.  She was using a very rational tone of voice and asking them to be quieter (they were VERY loud yesterday).  She eventually got frustrated, threw her arms up in a dramatic shrug, and said: "What's WRONG with you ducks?  BE QUIET."  Honestly, I can totally see four-year old me doing the same thing.

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Irish Goober said...

I see a time machine version of myself every day - she lives with me. It's frightening.