Friday, October 2, 2009


I confess...this is another food-issues post.

My husband recently said he'd never heard me refer to my food issues as an addiction. This surprised me since I definitely have compared it to alcoholism when talking to people about it, especially others with similar battles. Not to diminish the struggles of an alcoholic, but in a way I think a food-related addiction is harder. I can't go cold-turkey...

We were recently at an event that had a buffet-style brunch. It was not a seated event which meant I wouldn't be noticeable (or as noticeable) for getting up and reloading again and again. And it became a bad food event for me. I thought about it a lot and at first mentally compared it to an alcoholic at a place with an open bar. Then I revised that...I HAD to eat it was like taking an alcoholic to an open bar and saying "Have two drinks, then stop." No one would really expect that to work...but those of us with food battles face that type of thing at every turn.

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