Monday, October 12, 2009


I confess....I am going to ramble and whine.

The pain has been bad for a few weeks now. I feel ill-equipped to face it. I just had surgery in May....I should be feeling fine.

I didn't get out of bed for my w/o today. I didn't fall back to sleep either which makes it feel like wasted time. The pain makes it hard to start but I'm usually okay for the duration of the w/o once I get going, though I get some bounce-back pain after. I just couldn't get going though.

Which bothers me more b/c I've put on a few pounds. Not a lot but enough to make my slacks tight and I really don't want to have to go shopping anytime soon. I know the problem is food, not the lack of exercise and that, if anything, I put in too many miles. I KNOW that. Really. But I feel like I can control the exercise much more than I can control the food.

The full-blast arrival of Fall doesn't help. I often say I'd enjoy Fall if I didn't know what came next. "Next" is coming too soon...the weather lady said it was 31 outside the studio (warmer in the city proper) and then said it would be our warmest day all week. I broke out the scarf and hat and gloves. I was pretty much alone in that regard and saw a few glances on the train. But I was glad I had them all. So there.

I took a pill and I'm waiting for it to work. I called the dentist to see if I need to come in since I absent-mindedly flossed the temporary crown tooth on Friday and it popped out. I put it back in like he'd said to do and it has stayed fine but it's several weeks till I go back so I thought I should call.

I'm cold, in pain, tired, and feeling like a slug for the missed gym trip. Happy Monday.

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