Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wherein i join the bandwagon

I confess...I am "talking" about balloon boy.

Maybe it is living with a Comm person, but what strikes me about the whole Balloon Boy fiasco is the comments it elicits about the media.

Barring proof of complicity or such, I really don't see any need to trash the news outlets over this. It was a compelling story. I listened and wanted to know more. And so did countless others. Yes, the media should be keeping us informed about "more important" news. But I see that as an "also" not an "instead of." There's no conflict between following "human interest stories" and "serious news"...both can live side by side. I want both.

On the other side, there's the reality TV angle. I've ranted before about cases in which reality TV exploits children and this seems to add to the list. Not only were the kids on a typical reality show when they couldn't truly consent, they were plot points in a (possibly) staged "reality event." It bothers me to no end that people will use their children to gain their 15 minutes. It seems like a form of abuse...obviously not the same as "traditional" child abuse, but still "mis-use." Is it the money that motivates these people? Is it the "glory" of the spotlight? Is it some unfulfilled need for attention?

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OlyQueerKid said...

Oh Balloon Boy. I personally consider this a fiasco. not on the media though. but on the willingness of Americans to stare at a balloon for how long?

seriously, we all looked up and watched this for half an hour, right? and he was in the garage the entire time? Or was it the attic, I really didn't pay that much attention to the after story.

And as far as I can tell, this family already had it's 15 minutes. an hour really. they were on WifeSwap! This entire thing is just silly.