Friday, September 18, 2009


I confess...I haven't had much to say lately but feel the need to "check in"...

  • I've expressed a desire for a sign that says "It's allergies, not swine flu" to wear on the T so people stop giving me looks as I sniffle away. Yet I still wanted hand sanitizer after sitting next to a guy who was coughing the whole ride.
  • I need a pant suit and a winter coat. These both really do hit the "need" stage and not the "want" sage but I still feel guilty bout the purchases...esp. after getting the estimate for my share of costs for dental work. Seriously, if I didn't get the RC and crown, I'd lose the tooth isn't some cosmetic procedure and it should be more fully covered.
  • I really would enjoy Fall more if not for the allergies and for the fact that I know what comes after Fall.
  • I was disappointed by the Bones premier. But enjoyed watching last week's Mad Men via On Demand. I especially enjoy seeing Peggy try to figure out how to make the career world work as a woman and seeing how Don is involved in that. He's not at all a feminist and really doesn't see the system as broken but he has still been her champion. He isn't going to help her with the women's rights battles but sees her talent and does want to capture that.
  • We are off to Vegas soon for my BIL's wedding. I've never had much interest in Vegas but it should still be a fun trip. Vegas is where they live which makes it a bit different than the typical idea of a Vegas Wedding.
  • I still wish I had better knowledge of the health care debate. I know that I'd like to see universal access but really can't say how to achieve it realistically. But I also have made pretty shabby efforts to learn.
  • I do not think every negative comment about Obama has a racial element. In a way, assuming that there's a racial issue with every moment is racist itself.

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Lauren Starks said...

My thought on the Obama-comments are racist is that while there are some people's opinions of his political decisions/views/etc are racially motivated, it's not fair to make the blanket statement that all of the ones that disagree are racist.

It's the same as those that said those that 'agreed' with GWB couldn't think for themselves. Doesn't make those that were negative about the previous administration anti-Texan?

Obama and I aren't on the same page most of the time (Probably a good indicator of the two-party system, right). But, my opposing political views and expressing those views doesn't make me a racist.

This comment isn't well thought out - and is more like me babbling.

Yay for Bones being back though!