Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the little things

I confess that....it is really the small little things that I find bring me more pleasure than any sort of big event.

Some examples:
  • Blankets. There is very little that comes close to the comfort a warm blanket can bring on a cold day/night. Even nicer, the fact that my husband will pile as many on me as I ask for each night to be sure I'm kept warm.
  • Chocolate. A few times, I've seen stories on extending life through intense calorie deprivation. Honestly, I'll sacrifice a few years. Life with no chocolate wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable. There's something so wonderful in that moment of indulgence.
  • Red wine. See chocolate. I think there's also a mental element...red wine signals to my mind that it is the weekend and I can relax and enjoy.
  • Endorphins. I don't "like" working out, but I'm definitely an endorphin junkie. There are a lot of things are bodies do that baffle me (why does evolution letting healing cuts itch so you scratch them open again?). But endorphins make sense. Do good for your body and you get to feel good too.
  • Email. I'm just not a phone person (which is ironic given my job). I express myself much better in writing than on the phone and more comfortably. I'd have "lost" may more people without email. It even helps maintain connection with the Boy during the day since I don't have to worry about interrupting a good thought train.
  • PJs. I put them on as soon as I get home on weeknights and sometimes if I'm home for more than an hour or two on weekends. Another mental symbol to relax. And they are just so darn comfy!
  • Grover. He sits on the rocking chair. And makes me smile. How can Grover not make you smile? He so beats out this Elmo kid that I really don't think was even around 25+ years ago.
  • Good books. When time allows, I love to read a good novel before bed. I love when I feel a connection with the characters. I get to meet new people. And I can put them away when I'm done with them only only see them again if I choose :P
  • Good hair days. No explanation needed. Especially for anyone else with hair that has its own personality (and, on frizzy days, its own zip code!).


Lauren Starks said...

i really expected to see the pokey little puppy on here. :)

The Rambling Blogger said...

good addition. couldn't get them all in one swoop :P

Lesley said...

I love pj's!!!