Tuesday, February 3, 2009

when you care enough to send...something...

I confess that....I have issues with Hallmark.

It does seem like card selection has expanded vastly since my younger days. There are often a few choices for step-family cards and even "like a parent" cards. Clearly, Hallmark has seen that the branches on family trees have gotten a bit more crowded.

But, I always still have trouble finding some of the cards I need. I do love my father, but he really wasn't much of a Dad for most of my life. The cards going on about "being there" and all that simply aren't right for me. Even the joke cards make inappropriate references...he never mowed the lawn where I really lived and we never fought over the remote. I don't like resorting to a totally generic card (like I did when I stopped this morning), and I'm okay with some level of sentiment since that's the card game, but I don't want it to be almost laughable when looked at in context.

Where's my "Well, you weren't really there but I know you are trying to be better and I know you love me and I do still love you but I can't pretend I ever relied on you or wanted to be you" card?

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