Monday, February 9, 2009


I confess....that I'm only "green-ish".

I believe in helping the environment. I unplug my hairdryer, my home laptop, and cell phone charger. I take mass transit (okay, that is not really motivated by the green-ness, but I do like that aspect). I recycle a pretty decent amount (Jason is better about it than I am). I have the washer on "cold" and do full loads. I turn off the heat during the day and add blankets rather than making it a bit warmer when we are home (also a $$$ decision). I use a water bottle rather than bottled water at work.

But, I have my limits. I like HOT showers. During the week, I keep them short but I revel in my longer showers on the weekends. I use paper plates and plastic utensils at work (exception is my water bottle). I buy a lot of things packaged individually b/c that helps me with self-control, even though it isn't the green-est of choices. I make too much trash. I have a few reusable grocery bags but often end up needing a couple plastic ones too during our weekly grocery run.

Kermit says it ain't easy bein' green. Is it "okay" to take a middle ground and be greenish? Where am I compared to the average folk? If everyone took my path, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? What is the right answer for balancing comfort etc. and environmental concerns?


Lesley said...

I need to put more thought into how green I am. I was reading your list and realizing how much I don't do.

Peaches said...

YOu're far more green than I am. I am horrible about it. I would say that you're doing far more than the average person just by taking mass transit.