Sunday, January 1, 2012

wherein i am unrepentantly sappy and annoying

I'm not gonna start with an "I confess".  So there.  And this post will very likely be a bit of a bore, but so be it.

Before heading to a NYE party last year, I left the following note on the host's facebook page
i'm putting in a request for a cute, mid-30s, non-smoking boy for a midnight kiss. strong arms a plus....we'll stay superficial since i only anticipate a 15 second relationship i'll bring cookies in return.
I remember walking in and noticing a boy with nice arms, but he was holding a cigarette so I dismissed him.  I didn't get my kiss but I got a backrub around 2AM that ended up lasting for two hours.  There was clearly chemistry.  I got my kiss the following evening, a hidden kiss b/c our friends were totally monitoring our every move.

Over the next week, we spent hours on the phone together.  I despise the phone , finding even ten minues insufferably long.  So, I knew this meant something, including that it was more than just good chemistry.  It moved fast, emotionally and geographically, with me packing the car not long after to head out to Central PA.  That's SO not me....but I never had a doubt about it.  And, btw, the cigarettes were just social and dropped without a request when shared friends gave a heads-up that I both dislike it and have allergy issues.

Thank you, MM, for a lovely year.  You've shown me so much.  I was so very wrong for so long when I thought I knew what love was.  You accept me, mental-and-physical-warts and all.  You said, "If I can't handle you at your worst, I don't deserve you at your best" and you lived it by my bedside after surgery and comforting me when some mental demons arose.  You made me smile more than I have since I was a nutty little three year-old running around restaurants and introducing myself to everyone.  You make me laugh all the time.  You taught me the right person is the one your heart knows, even if the match sounds so odd on paper (a conservative military boy, a liberal pacifist girl).  When you smile at me, a smile that takes your whole face and is best around your eyes, I feel so lucky and so loved. 

I'll stop now.  Not because I can't go on, but because it'd get way too long if I kept going. 

Love you MM. 


Lee said...

Glad you found him...and that he doesn't really smoke!

Lesley said...

Everyone deserves a boy like MM.

So glad you have found yours.

JAG said...

:) :) :)