Monday, January 16, 2012

best laid plans (and more unplanned more time on the bathroom floor)

I confess....well, THAT diet is not happening.  I'm not going to re-mention the name of the plan b/c I don't want to get sued.  And I'll say it wasn't officially confirmed.  But I am pretty darn sure I got food poisoning on Saturday from the food I'd ordered for the diet plan.

Like I really needed to be violently ill all Saturday night (and just "off" yesterday).  Can I get a "restart" on 2012?

They ARE refunding my money.  They seemed suspicious of the illness but gave the refund easily.  I feel horrid tossing 26 days of food, but I'm NOT touching it after being that sick. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Food poisoning is the worst. Good that you got your money back, but that hardly seems like adequate compensation.