Saturday, January 14, 2012

moving ahead into a heatlhier 2012....hopefully....

I confess...the first two weeks of 2012 have sucked.  I think the lexapo withdrawal is finally under control, but MM was kind enough to bring back a present from work in the form of a nasty cold.  I've gotten past the worst of the head symptoms, but still got the lovely post-nasal drip going on which makes me incredibly nauseous.  Not fun.

Anyway, I DO want to shed some weight (the few pounds dropped in w/d were just water weight and came back).  I will fully admit it is vanity weight, but it is still excess that I do not want.  My PT frequently comments on how small my kneecaps are (they are also tilted funny, apparently).  In my bigger days, I tried to deny that the wrist-test was accurate but I do have a fairly small frame.  When you combine that with being 5'4" on a good day (though the surgeon swore I'd be a few millimeters), a little weight makes a decent difference on me.  I feel my best at 115, a bit swollen over 120, and too skinny at 110.  Again, dear readers, this is for ME and MY BODY.  On most bodies, the  123ish range I've been in would be lovely.  It just isn't the ideal for me.

I'd actually looked a bit at NutriSystem.  I've always thought those programs work best for folks who know they have decent habits and are usually around where they want to be, but need a kick-start.  But they have a definite financial penalty if you are doing only one 28-day cycle instead of a longer stint.  I'd reached out to them but I'm not popular enough to get a blogger discount.  So I got grumpy and moved on.

My friend Lauren had mentioned Meal Movement so I decided to check it out.  It isn't cheap, especially for the long-term unemployed type, but it seemed like a fair price.  You can select different options but you pretty much get ALL your food instead of needing to supplement like many other plans.  They are semi on the Paleo concept of eating like our ancestors did.  I don't see myself in that long-term but it seemed reasonable for the 28-day run because it means a good deal of "real" food...a meat & veggie for both lunch and dinner and either nuts/seeds or cheese sticks/beef sticks for a snack.

So, I gave in.  I'm hoping the financial aspect is an added incentive to stick with it....the price IS reasonable if I don't go and "cheat."  I did the lunch, dinner, & snacks plan because the breakfasts seemed a bit high in calories for me.  They say you can do oatmeal instead....real oats, no sugary packet things.  I like that since I can really have two or even three bowls for the equivalent to their egg dishes but I can spread them out a little more.   I do miss my cereal and cracker/cookie snacks though....they are pretty strict on not going that route b/c of the sugar and such. 

The stuff arrived yesterday.  The box was HUGE, close to 50lbs.  Our freezer was half-empty and is now PACKED and that's with a few days in the fridge (can go in the fridge for up to 14d).  I've only had two meals but both were good.  I AM feeling hungry, but I've also been WAY "off track" lately and gotten used to way more food than I need so I need to adjust.  Hopefully this will re-acclimate me to eating a sane amount, help me shed a little bit, and just be a kick-start for getting to the body I prefer. 

Wish me luck!  I am def already wanting to cheat, but it's a weekend and MM is making himself bacon and other things so that's just an added challenge.  I won't update on it often but will let you know what I think after the experiment is over.

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