Friday, March 25, 2011

the shout-out list

I confess...I am a little bit nervous about expressing my love for products.  I have a history of falling in love with things only to have the product pulled or re-tooled.  But, I'm feeling the need for a "things I'm loving" list, so I'll just cross my fingers:
  • L'Oreal EverSleek Deep Conditioner -- I deep condition once or twice a week. This one makes more of a visible difference than any other I've tried. My hair is long, thick, and trapped between curly and wavy. I don't like its natural state and I blow-dry it straight daily...luckily it is tough enough to put up with that.  Deep conditioner always helps keep it under control but this one has an especially impressive day-of impact.
  • Avon Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Serum -- I found this product in the summer when my mom had a sample.  As a non-makeup gal (well, minimal...eye cream an tinted moisturizer), I never imagined I'd place an Avon order but I'm totally in love with this one.  Just a small amount, even on my massive amount of hair, really makes a huge difference in smoothing and de-frizzing my hair.  It has even helped with weather hair typically frizzes at the mere thought of water and fog/mist is a real killer since umbrellas are hasn't had a HUGE test in that area, but it really has seemed to keep it under control and away from troll-doll state.
  • Electronic fireplaces -- I tended to laugh at them but have totally come around.  The new guy (let's call him MM for Military Man) has one in his living room.  We can leave the thermostat pretty low (even at 60) and the living room still stays plenty toasty.  At times, I still think the fake fire is a bit corny in appearance but I'm a fan of the practicality (esp with gas and oil prices being high).  An irony of unemployment is that you can cut certain bills but heating and electric bills rise when you are home all day.
  • The Talk - This currently tops my guilty pleasure TV list.  I plan my treadmill time to coincide...luckily it is slow enough at 2 that I can use one of the four TVs at my new gym.  On a related note, the last hour of the Today show is oddly on at 1 here so Kathie Lee & Hoda are also cardio companions.
  • Teddy Bear -- One of my Valentine's Day gifts from MM.  The one I have (not sure if it is the size of the linked one) is a really good size for nighttime holding.  Yes, that sounds like a 4 year-old...or a pathetic stereotype girl...but clutching something really helps on nights when the pain is bad.  And the tank makes me smile since I definitely noticed MM"s biceps when he took off his regular shirt and wore just the tank at the NYE party where we met.
  • Weis Diet White Birch Beer - Not the best of links but it is what I can find (and I am enjoying the fact that I noticed the "link" button on the blogger site).  This has a really fresh taste and I'm a big fan.
  • MM - Yeah, I'm a definite fan of the guy.  He's awesome.
P.S.  If any of these companies want to send me free stuff, I'd happily enjoy them.

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