Monday, August 16, 2010

more ramble ramble rattle rattle

I confess...another series of rambles are rattling around my head:
  • I learn a lot from news stories. Clearly freedom is only for those we deem worthy and the actions of the few can be ascribed to the many. As I recall, two white men were responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. Therefore, white men should not be allowed to build in Oklahoma. Right?
  • I get jealous of the people in ads for active senior living communities.
  • My body and I are fighting again. Endo pain and migraines, the latter of which haven't been this active in years. It gets pretty draining to be battling inside yourself all day long.
  • In college, the bookstore had a tee shirt that read something like: "Any money I get, I buy books. With what's leftover, I buy food and housing." Make it "Food and wine" and I think you've got me.
  • My eyelids are dry. How does that happen? My neck is a bit too but I can blame that on blanket chin-tucking.
  • Two more interviews this video (at a video center of some sort, not Skype) and one phone. Progress is good. Fingers crossed.
  • I've been watching The Middle since I've been back in PA. I enjoy it. I like that the kids are so real and that it is just a simple family comedy...there aren't many of those these days.
  • I have also seen ads for Melissa & Joey. I watched that when it was Who's The Boss. Okay, the new one has other wrinkles, but still... It is a bit dismaying to be the age of the adults this time around...
  • Alex Trebek gets too long of a summer vacation. I'm in Jeopardy withdrawal.
  • I like DVR. While I'm not sure I'd spring for it on my own, I am quite enjoying it while I am here. Project Runway and Gilmore Girls reruns go well with treadmill time.
  • There's a lady at the gym who wears a face mask. I wouldn't judge that decision since I don't know her motivations. However, I will judge the fact that I only see it dangling around her neck rather than other her mouth and nose. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.

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