Thursday, April 15, 2010

owning it

I confess...I don't make all the right choices, but I try to own them all.

The trainer who works with some folks in my building was talking to me and commenting that the ladies in his group were frustrated they weren't losing weight. He suggested the time he was with them each week wasn't nearly enough to be a sole solution and that they needed to stop their eating habits. This got me thinking about weight loss in general and my mind went off on a "choices" tangent.

I think that the most crucial part of a weight-loss journey (and maybe of any journey) is owning one's choices. You need to decide what you want and recognize that many things we want are in opposition. I wanted a big hamburger and fries last night. I also want to fit into my jeans that are getting a bit snug. I passed on the burger because I wanted the latter more. It isn't "wrong" to pick the burger, but we need to own those choices. In picking the burger, you put one want above another. That isn't "bad" but it is a choice. And the choice has clear and predictable results.

I hate the phrase "nothing tastes as good as thin feels." I believe indulgence is essential to a happy and balanced life. Balance is healthier than unvarying strictness. I'll have my burger, maybe tomorrow. But I'll own that as a choice. It is a knowing choice...I believe that we need to have knowledge and make truly informed decisions. If my jeans are tight the next day, then it's a result of my choice, no one else's.

Own it.

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