Monday, April 12, 2010

books, take one....

I confess....this post is brought to you by Harper Collins. As I mentioned in a prior post, a friend introduced me to a contact who will send me books if I review them. These two were previews but I did read them so figured I'd post quick notes.

Husband and Wife is a novel by Leah Stewart. The story begins with the main character, Sarah, learning that her husband's recent novel was partly based on personal experience...experience cheating on her. The story follows how this revelation effects Sarah as it leads her to contemplate the adult she has become and other paths her younger self could have taken. The plot itself didn't wow me, but I really loved Stewart's prose. The writing carried me through the book and fleshed out well-developed characters so I enjoyed the journey even though I wasn't overly drawn by the basic plot.

Love in a Time of Homeschooling: A Mother and Daughter's Uncommon Year by Laura Brodie
is a mother's memoir of one year she spent homeschooling her eldest daughter, whom she felt needed a break from traditional schools that didn't seem to fit her style. I am not a big memoir person and wouldn't have picked this on my own but found it to be a quick read and one that I enjoyed. I appreciated the realistic assessment of the attempt which noted both successes and failures. I also like the quotes from the daughter that opened each chapter. I think it would be best for a parent either considering home-schooling or thinking about other ways to supplement a child's learning.

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