Thursday, April 8, 2010

from the couch

I confess...I'm feeling a bit motionless.

It is my first week home after ending my job (well, sorta...I'm still an employee for this week and next). I have some visions for using this time but I think I'm not ready for them yet. I'd like to write a bit. Not here...more focused than I do here and with more than 15 minutes dedicated to whatever topic I'm rambling about. But I think I might just need to breathe first. Sit. Be.

I have applied haphazardly to jobs. Some I'd like, some I don't think I would. I have ideas as to what skills I have and a few ideas on ideal jobs, but I'm still not quite sure where I'll end up next (unless you are a potential employer who somehow found this even though it doesn't have my which case I am clearly going to end up in your open job). I need to network a bit more and follow-up on some initial contacts but I think, here too, I am sitting a bit before I'm ready.

I have been in a lot of pain. I had a second round of epidural steroids yesterday and they've knocked me even further on my ass...standing is not fun and the husband says I walk like Igor (and he's right). Other than right after the shots, I'm not taking my pain medicine. I can survive that only because I can loll on the couch and be a bit wallow-y. That's not fun (for me or the husband), but I am hoping that this round of shots will help once I recover from the immediate aftermath. I have a PT consult on Friday.

I'm reading which is nice. A lovely former co-worker helped me meet someone who will send me advance copies of books in exchange for some short reviews here and on Goodreads. He sent two "preview" books to read until the next cycle of books comes out. It is good since I have more time to read but feel guilty spending much on books (and I'm a snob and like to own my books rather than use the library like I should).

Other thoughts:
  • I like the show Ellen...even if it is corny...maybe because it is corny.
  • I tried to walk on the building treadmill (pre-shots) and I am such a dork that I felt self-conscious being slow and wanted to yell out that I'm rehabbing an injury.
  • Criminal Minds is on at 1...expect when it isn't which seems to be often. They also seem to only show about ten episodes. They should put it on On Demand for me.
  • I still dry my hair b/c I like it feeling straighter but I am letting it air dry a bit first (umm, right now) which is very good for it.
  • I continue to be anxious about food issues but I'm surviving it. We went out on Tuesday but I'm calling that "Friday observed" since we can't go out Friday.
  • I am ready to lie down again. I hate needing to lie down but am glad I can indulge the need.

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