Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat: Halloween Memories, Bullet-Pointed (of course)

I confess...I couldn't pass this thought up once it popped in my head during my walk.  I'd been pondering past Halloweens AND bullet points are always my style....

TRICK (or my less fond Halloween memories)

  • When I bought my Atlanta house (April or May), one of the things I was most looking forward to was my first Halloween as the home owner.  I'd manned the door in HS but lived on campus in college and my law school rentals, like the apartment I had my first year in ATL, were not in a trick-or-treat area.  I planned my day out to leave early and had my bowl ready.  Of course, my boss called at 4.  She insisted an item needed doing now, although when I put it on her desk at 7:30 she was gone for the night and I totally could have done it the next AM before she got it.  Missed my first house-owner Halloween and got harassed by some older teens boys on the way to my car.
  • I did get to man the door another time in ATL.  My neighborhood had mostly 3BR homes...the master suites were huge but the other rooms so I expected mostly littler kids as they weren't really sized for older kids.  I had my light still on since I knew I hadn't seen one neighbor and got a big batch of teens (likely from a complex nearby).  I'm a "here's the bowl, pick what you want" type and the five teen boys (no costumes) each took a HUGE handful without even a polite nod.  But that's not what bugged me the most.  At the back of the pack, two teen girls each had on a little mask and each carefully picked one candy and said "Thank you, Ma'am" (it's the really can't get offended by Ma'am).  I wanted to bring them in and explain to them they should find better boys.

TREAT (Halloween smiles)
  • We moved to PA when I was entering fourth-grade.  Our neighborhood had a lot of kids right at my age...mostly the "oldest" in the families given the time it was built so some a little younger too.  There was a lot of farmland then (now there are more houses) and our area was one of the best suited so many kids had their friends come to our area.  Totally great hauls as a kid and a lot of fun when I switched to door-duty....we seriously got 100 kids.  Usually gave out the typical stuff but Mom and I made like 20 treat bags for the kids we knew better.  Side note: I was actually back last year but I think it was the first year they got NONE...the same people own most of the homes and so the age factor has meant it trickled down and only sometimes got a few grandkids popping over at the end of the night.
  • One year in college, two friends and I decided to go to a neighborhood.  We were VERY polite and joked with everyone that we knew we were old but liked candy (and went late enough that they had enough for the real kids).  I was a I always was as a kid given the long dark hair.  One friend was Nature (this fit her).  The other wore the first-one's skirt up around her neck (a good six inch height difference and a flowy skirt = really long even at her neck)...we went back and forth as to whether she was "The Skirt" or "The Arm-less Wonder".
  • My Boston apt had very few kids but I still hurried home my first year there with some hopes.  You were supposed to tape a pumpkin picture to your door if you welcomed treat-ers (indoor halls so no lights).  I saw a mom and tot walking by my door just as I came out of the stairs.  I called to them that I had my pumpkin and begged for a moment.  Mom and son kindly let me run in, tape up the pumpkin, and even close the door so he could knock.  He was my only one but he was cute and so patent and totally worth it.
  • I had the pumpkin kit and the pumpkin for a bit before I got the guts to carve it.  Just not a part of my childhood and I was convinced I'd mess it up.  In ATL, a new neighbor held a carving party...I attended but passed off carving duties since I was intimidated since I knew she was a children's book illustrator....which was silly of me since they rocked.  Anyway, I needed a distraction one day last week so dove in.  I present Tom (b/c EVERYONE calls the turkey Tom and I'm unique)
  • (I can't indent w/ a new bullet...) I actually "messed up" and left it thicker than recommended but was glad b/c those arms threatened to snap.  Thank you to MM for the pic (my phone makes calls....that's pretty much it).  Oh, and the oddness is Vaseline which the Internet said would help prevent rot.
  •  I also did toast up Tom's seeds...I went online for suggestions but ended up winging it based on what we had and what we like (read: garlic and a few types of pepper). They turned out REALLY good. I made MM tell his parents since his Dad thinks I should learn to be domestic and mt using the oven is always a rare event
  • When I went to toss out the pumpkin innards, this was at the door:  Well, mine says my name instead of Ryan...that would be odd. 
Happy Halloween all!!  I'm told we only get a handful here but I'm still excited. I have silly little window clings that are too small for the big window and Tom will move to the porch. 


Irish Goober said...

LOL. Your experiences are so different from mine. We get probably 500 kids at my dad's house, and I'm having serious STRESS over not carving our pumpkin this year. (I'm sick and likely dying and unable to move from bed - but he MUST BE CARVED.) I like that you have the spirit!

JAG said...

We had at most 20, only one of them was under 5. Mostly teenagers. Saddens me since I enjoy answering the door.