Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(bullet) point-ilism

I confess...I often spend treadmill time contemplating post titles. 

  • I suppose it was time...last year I wore out on Bones and CSI, this year it is NCIS and House.  The episode about Abby's history pulled me back to NCIS this week and MM enjoys it so it might still get watched, but I'm just no longer intrigued by either.  My disinterest in The Good Wife is more puzzling since it is only the third season so it isn't the "Mad About You" issue (where shows outlive the interest in them) nor is it the time-slot switch since I watch On Demand. 
  • More TV -- I love The Talk last season but they dropped two hosts without a single word this year and one of the new ladies is beyond grating. It still makes the treadmill watching routine but doesn't compel me to walk any extra to watch the end and I won't be surprised if it joins the "just suddenly dropped" crew.
  • Wearing a sweatshirt to the supermarket today meant the brace was hidden for the first time since surgery.  This resulted in some odd glances as I struggled with soda cans.  I'm used to hidden illness issues, but the visible brace has been helpful in putting others on notice that I'm not at the top of my game.
  • The long presidential season means fodder for the columnists and an even greater financial factor in a candidate's viability.  I wish there was a way to institute a rule requiring that campaigns make a certain amount of charitable donations linked to the amount they spend campaigning (ideally nice non-controversial ones).  I know there are forced speech issues and it isn't really viable, but I still like the concept.
  • We spent the weekend at an annual party with MM's extended family.  A bit out of my element, but fun...and one relative cooks up funnel cakes every year so I had a happy belly.  MM is also impressive at skeet-shooting once he gets warmed up.  On another note, the stink bugs were INSANE.  Seriously, DOZENS on the screen door (they do use a treatment that is pretty effective at keeping them outside).  I was reading outside and had to call "uncle" when the kept dive-bombing me (and my book).  Crazy.  I could not survive them on a daily basis.
  • I'm definitely in a hard place in body-image terms.  I tried a "diet" but gave it up and have had a lot of rebound-eating issues.  I am trying to get them back under control and find the right place between being the diet mis-step and overeating.  I do need to drop a bit to be at my happy place but I need to do it without mental harm.  I should write a real post on this but I need to be feeling stronger before I can devote that energy to the topic to avoid triggers.
  • I loved the gorgeous weather we had the past week.  The weather guys were totally on point when they noted there is a decent temperature drop ahead but that it was only getting the weather back to October norms.  I feel like 2011 has been the year of nutty weather and was glad it finally manifested in a good way.
  • MM's family is politically very conservative.  MM needs to respect my views but there's no reason to make it an issue with his parents so I stay quiet.The first time I mentioned my alma matter, Haverford, his dad remarked about its liberal bent.  I replied with a comment on small class size.  He's mentioned it a few times since and then finally said that he noticed I quite deftly managed to change the topic every time :) 
  • We live near the local HS.  We can hear the announcements, both daily and sport-oriented, but they sound pretty much like the adults on Charlie Brown.  I was still happy to hear the announcer sounding excited after last week's football game.  I'm no sports fan, but the poor kids had been 0 and 5 for the season...spectacularly so (35-10, 41-6, 51-0, 50-0, 56-11).  An odd love for the small-town world and an underdog made me excited when last week's opponent was 1-4.  Bellefonte won last week, 17-12, and I was happy for them.  And their mommies.  I get excited when I've seen a first-timer up at an MLB game because I imagine their mommies being so proud after years and years of carting them to practices and games.
  • On a more serious note...I've read that Topeka decriminalized domestic violence.  To save money.  Okay, there is still state law recourse but this is NOT the way to save money.  I can think of other things to decriminalize instead (even if I don't partake....).

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