Wednesday, October 20, 2010

mini-post: an amusing political ad

I confess...I have an angry tummy that doesn't seem to want to get okay. Being me, this means I want comfort food but I've managed to be smart thus far. I am very ready for this tummy monster to leave now....I keep picturing Rudy Huxtable as a five year-old telling the germs in her tummy to stop partying.

I feel the need to post but don't have a ton of energy. So I'll just share a political ad. It seems like 3 of 5 prime time ads right now are political...maybe 4 of 5. We're in the southeast corner of PA so we get two statewide PA races plus a handful of PA House races and we also get ads for neighbor states. Including Ms. O'Donnell but I already complained about her.

Anyway, I like this one. It is a bit corny but I think it is actually a decent response to ads criticizing the candidate for voting in favor of bailouts and the like:

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