Sunday, October 31, 2010

distracting myself....

I confess....I'm really just trying to distract myself....

  • My back hurts. Bad. The endo hurts too...usually the back distracts me but today it's both firing full force. I've actually had some okay days in the past few weeks but today is very bad and I am medicine-less. Which means I want a lot of comfort food. Which wouldn't help.
  • After finally seeing the Project Runway finale, I'm hoping Heidi decides to invest in Mondo herself. I do think Gretchen is more marketable, but Mondo is more fun and seems more runway-like.
  • I miss Mad Men but am looking forward to Men of a Certain Age in December.
  • When we first moved to PA, we could get close to 100 kids on Halloween. My mom says we get very few now. When I moved here, there were families with girls my age on both sides of us. All three families are still here. I'm fairly sure those are related.
  • I am coming up with excuses to make a right turn after PT even though I need to go left b/c it's always backed up. Voting will be a good excuse on Tuesday...I'd prefer to go earlier but like the right turn excuse.
  • I want a tuna melt. Which is odd since I generally hate mayo. See entry one, I suppose. I also want wine. And chocolate.
  • Sestak, Onorato, Murphy. I may skip other questions since I haven't paid attention to any other races.
  • I wonder what will fill all the ad space after polls close on Tuesday.
  • I've read three fiction books set in the Holocaust era lately. I've appreciated that they've had three unique focuses. The most recent was about a camp in Israel where British forces detained undocumented Jewish refugees after the war. The camp was probably well-intentioned and humane in general terms but must have been awful for people fleeing memories of fences. (see
  • An Internet friend needed support a few days ago but I just didn't have strength to give that day. I feel guilty about that even though I know it genuinely wasn't mine to give right then (and that I still supported her in my heart).
  • Still hurt.

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Anonymous said...

I have a lap. coming up on Nov. 23. I will be thinking of you.