Friday, January 29, 2010

wherein i say what's what

I confess....this is going to be a wildly random list with varying degrees of gravity.

Thing that bug me lately:

  • An ad for a gym that suggests Washington is "dangerously close" to making our health decisions, so you should take control first and join a gym. I'm all for fitness, but I don't quite see how joining a health club equates to a vote against government involvement in health care. I want health care and my treadmill time (well, someday...). I align valuing fitness closely with wanting more preventative care.

  • Parents pushing a stroller with one hand while smoking with the other.

  • Loud gum chewers on a crowded train.

  • People who don't get that allowing two people who are truly in love to marry is the absolute best way to affirm the institution. And that marrying before the state isn't the same as marrying before the church...allowing people to legally wed does not mean the Catholic church needs to bless the union.

  • Electronic-induced unawareness.

  • Not following the "stand right, walk left" rule on the escalator. And assuming it is because I'm lazy that I'm standing and not walking.

  • Injuries that don't heal, even when you are "good" and on total rest.

  • Doctors who give you trouble refilling pain medicine but who can offer no real way to treat your chronic condition (even though I do understand the drug-seeking fear).

  • Walking three people across and not falling back to make sidewalk-room when someone else approached from the other direction.

  • Expecting a "thank you wave" for stopping at a crosswalk.

  • The fact that no one thinks offer a seat to the old lady until they see someone else do it and then suddenly everyone offers a seat to her husband.

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