Thursday, January 21, 2010


I confess...I'm scatter-brained today...

  • I am not at all surprised by the Senate results

  • I have been thinking a lot about health care and how it presents an odd intersection of social and economic matters....this may eventually get its own post.

  • When I was little, I thought the note on the side of my cup at McD's that said "please put litter in its place" meant to fill the cup with trash after you finished your soda.

  • My apartment complex cannot write a posting without multiple typos. It drives me batty but has also become a game to me....they are "excepting" donations, posted "reminds" of certain rules, and want trash in the "shoot."

  • My hip still hurts. I am in denial. I haven't done a "regular" week's workout since Thanksgiving.

  • I think late January and February are the roughest time of the year. It has been cold for so long but there's no end in sight. Last year, we had no Spring and Summer didn't show up till July.

  • I need a real vacation. With umbrella drinks.

  • I am re-reading The Red Tent, probably for the fifth time. I love it each time, especially the early sections. I have no real ties to the underlying Biblical story and often wonder how it would be received by people who are very religious.

  • I love Men of a Certain Age. It may be my favorite show on right now. The shine has begun to wear off a few of my other staples.

  • I chew too much gum. But I also hate hearing people chewing it on the T...I blame my step-dad who always told me to keep my mouth closed....

  • I listened to a man on his cell yesterday try to explain being in favor of gay marriage by noting that church marriage and state marriage are different. I sent him many mental marriages and he finally got them when he asked his phone-mate whether they'd consider someone married if they got hitched by a judge.

  • I want a burger. This happens once every two or three months. I rarely eat red meat (not for health reasons, just rarely want it) but figure my body must need some sort of boost every few months. The craving stays until I have the burger and then merrily goes away. Very unlike chocolate and cookie cravings which never go away.

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Lauren Starks said...

We had a long discussion over dinner with the boys about the significance of the outcome of your election.

I hope your hip is better soon.