Monday, January 4, 2010

for me, not you...but you can read it

I confess....this post is for me, not for you.

It is my reminder to me that I will be okay if I cut back my mileage. Really, I will. In fact, I got through December pretty much okay and I was WAY down due to injury. Yes, the scale crept up...but I know that was because of eating habits, not the lack of miles.

Even with a very low December, I finished 2009 at 2592.2 miles (treadmill + other walking like from the T to the office). I generally aimed for 50mpw....I wanted an average of 7mpd but 50 is so pretty and round and gave me extra room for injury weeks etc. I ended up higher (even using a lot of my "banked" miles).

And I limped into 2010 recovering from bursitis (and the treatment for it).

I do not like New Years Resolutions. I think change comes when you are ready....not when the calendar so commands. But, a year is a handy measuring device and my little running log does yearly totals. So, my reminder to myself...I will aim for 35-45mpw...and will be OKAY if I'm on the lower end...or even with less if it is smart healthwise (i.e. injury, illness, etc).

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