Friday, November 2, 2012

sending dry thoughts....

I confess...still in awe of the power of a storm.  I had ideas in my head to write about, but they can come later.  I've often noted this part of the country gets a little bit of everything in terms of weather, but it usually doesn't get as severe as it can in other parts of the nation.  We get heat waves, but not like the Southwest.  We get snow, but not like parts of the Midwest.  And we've gotten the remnants of some hurricanes, but not like places in the South/Southeast.  Until now. 

We're in Central PA.  It was a nasty storm but nothing unheard of and no lasting effects.  We got a little bit of spotty water in the basement...probably more than in other storms but nothing more than wet spots and nothing damaged.

My cousin is getting married on 11/11.  She and her fiance live in Hoboken.  Per my Mom, the National Guard helped them get out and they went to my Aunt/Uncle's place.  That house didn't have power, but it was dry.  Luckily, it seems much of the wedding stuff was stored there rather than the bride' apartment.  My Aunt and Uncle stayed in a hotel for at least a night or two.  They got power last night.  I haven't heard about  how the wedding site fared, but imagine it is up and running since everything seems to be going forward as planned.

I also heard extra voices when I called home this morning.  My step-sister's family had no power in Princeton so went to stay there (Bucks County, southeast PA).  The two adults are trying to take care of some things today, two younger kids (one early teens, other around age 7) are with my Mom and step-dad (older girl stayed w/ a friend instead).  Definitely sounded louder than normal there.

So, everyone is safe and getting through, even if there's crowding here and there.  Hoping all of my readers and their loved ones are safe and sound. 

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Annabelle said...

Man, what terrible timing for the storm! Things are rapidly getting back to normal this week, though, so I suspect they'll be fine by the wedding day. I hope it's a beautiful one for them. I live just south of them in Jersey City, so I know how crazy it got.

Love the new blog look, btw! Very appealing.