Wednesday, October 31, 2012

blogging and bullet-pointing

I confess.....I'm hoping to start posting more.  I enjoy it and hope some folks enjoy reading it, but I've struggled with energy and focus of late.  It takes a lot to get through my ghost-blog posts I do for some extra cash and I feel exhausted by even a little bit of writing etc.  But I know I rise to goals so I'm going to post more....not ready to commit to a schedule (though I have a cute idea for a three times a week plan), but just a general goal.  I also plan to play with the formatting a bit.

I do want to create an email address for the blog too.  I have no doubt folks could find me if they really wanted to but prefer not to use my name or "real" email address.  I'll add it in here when I have it set and will also put it on a sidebar or some other part of the template.
I don't want to follow that with a particular pondering, but I can't consider this a real post as it so.....

  • I'm moving slowly through The Orchardist.  It is excellent.  The setting is a rural part of the Pacific Midwest right around the turn of the twentieth century.  I'll share more when I review it, but it has an epic quality, an amazing sense of place, and interesting characters. 
  • I wandered into a bottle of Wen.  I kinda like it but it is pricey and goes fast.  I do not have anything except for the cleansing conditioner so I don't know how the products complement each other.  I do need an extra anti-frizz cream if I blow--dry shortly after showering (vs the days I don't go out so tuck up wet and only dry when I get cold).  I'd love to try to full set if the Wen folks insist.....:P
  • I had been disappointed to not get a particular book after a couple tries in Goodreads giveaways.  On a whim, I emailed someone involved w/ press for the book noting that I do have experience in book reviewing and also telling a bit of my story (i.e. long term pain making work impossible so not really paying for books).  She didn't reply so I chalked it up to "worth a try" until last week when I opened the door one day and found the book on my stoop.  I sent a thank you note and look forward to reading it!
  • I also got a note here inviting me to do another TLC Book Tour.  I've done them before and think they are cool....basically they have a bunch of reviewers post on a schedule so one goes up each day for a given period. 
  • Working on getting in to someone good to look at my file and then hopefully do a successful revision surgery.  I've tried some additional pain control paths w/o much luck and have kinda accepted it will hurt till I get through operation #2.
  • TLC programing is evil.  I can't stop.  It started as treadmill fare (best stuff for walking is light, hold your attention, but not too serious or hard to follow since I'd def miss the important piece of evidence etc). but I catch more What Not to Wear and Four Weddings than I'll admit (kinda worn out on Say Yes to the Dress).  I hate to admit also failing to look away when I flipped channels during the treadmill time and hit Honey Boo Boo (annoying, but they show such love for their family and appear really sure of who they really are) and Breaking Amish (less into the drama, more the idea of new eyes on the world....though it sounds like it is pretty darn fake).


Lauren Starks said...

Sally's Beauty Supply has a Wen-like product called HairOne. I haven't tried Wen, but tried HairOne after watching some YouTube videos comparing the two.

I really like the "normal" version and like the results. As a "I have to wash my hair every day" kind of girl, I can go 2 days between washes without a real notice.

I do not (really do not) like the "for colored hair" version. I got that one (and the bigger bottle, too) after I went darker for fall. It leaves me oily/greasy on the SAME DAY of use. No.No.No. That's unacceptable.

It's a lot of product (especially since my hair is long enough to start considering it on my 'lower' back') and they say "the more the better."

Sally's sells samples of the different versions (normal, dry, color, and one more?) if you wanted to try that instead.

The Rambling Blogger said...

thanks for the tip. they say to use a lot of the Wen too and i'm an every-dayer so i'd go through the bottle quite quickly. it is a combo but i don't spend much as is (like $1 shampoo, $5 conditioner) so it is tough to justify, esp since i did need an added frizz product (though the full package they usually sell might help eliminate that) i'll look at the sally's stuff though and maybe grab a sample

you hair has gotten LONG!!!! mine always hovers someplace in the "bra zone" (top of cups when newly cut to backstrap or a little beyond)