Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the bullet points return!

I confess....I'm overdue for a bit of bullet-point rambling....
  • I'll be happy when the election is over and there are fewer divisive Facebook feeds.  I certainly could un-follow folks for the short-term so it really isn't anyone else's fault.  Politics does not always bring out the best in folks. Being in a "mixed" relationship is also tougher during the election season.  Gotta bite our tongues a lot and "obey the mat!"
  • REM sleep is a good thing.  My brain has decided to interrupt it a lot & that's challenging.
  • I've been wearing my brace and I can get out a bit on the weekends.  I do end up paying for it is I do more than 2 hours or so, and I definitely need to save the energy during the week to "spend" it on the weekend, but it is still good to play human occasionally.
  • On that note, my cousin's wedding is next month (11/11).  Looking forward to it but nervous about the long day.  I've been told there are couches in niches throughout where I can hide and may even be able to nap in the bride's dressing room if it gets to that point (though I'd rather leave the bride her space!).  I'm a bridesmaid so the dress is set & I got more reasonable shoes than I wore last wedding so I'm not as worried about falling on my butt!  There'll be flip-flops stashed in a tote for post-ceremony/post-photo needs.  Bride kindly said she wouldn't care at all if I wore them the whole time, but I can handle a short spell in the nice shoes,  Honestly, it'll be a bit of work either way (extra meds may be in that tote too) so may as well be photo-ready!
  • I've requested that our local supermarket carry my beloved Oatmeal Cookie Chunk.  Until then, Rocky Road-ish is my indulgence of choice.

  • PA wine stores have a limited stock since they are tightly state managed.  I was thrilled to find Renwood Barbera is a new addition.  I had it years ago & could never find it again.  I'm a fan of big reds so not everyone agrees with my picks, but I find this easy to drink & quite tasty. 

  • I do miss being able to do some more blogging (and feel an odd need to add random pics today), but I am sticking to the advice to mind my limits.  Some days that's just paying a bill, calling a doc about paperwork, & a bit of my own paperwork.  I need to just be okay with that.
  • I am still doing the ghost-blogging...writing six posts (three each for two firm) a week, 500+ words on a relevant news story w/ a spin on applicable law or some other applicable topic. Sometimes it is tough to find a topic, especially for the smaller market one since there are limited news stories to use as a starter, and sometimes it takes way longer than it should (normal - 90min, worst - nearly 5h), but I like that I can say I'm a writer. I have not been able to do more pieces for the local freebie paper since my contact was ousted as editor, but hopefully that will change in time.
  • MM needed his "fun car" inspected and had a few time issues.  I was beyond nervous, but I can now say I've been behind the wheel of a Corvette.  I suppose it is telling that my favorite part was the heads-up display (speed is displayed on the windshield).  I think folks were baffled by a black sports car staying under the speed limit!

  • How did I end up watching What Not to Wear?  It's mostly treadmill fare and all reruns.  How come no one makes over a wardrobe for a gal whose clothes are acceptable but who still could use some guidance on what flatters her frame?  I  can add in a story about having lost all my beloved muscle tone, esp missing my toned tris, to give it interest.
  • I got a "real phone"...texting, Internet, and all the like.  Love that I can deposit checks with it (using our secure home internet) since BOA is everywhere but in the State College region.  I had been good about using a guided relaxation app too for a while..fallen off that wagon but will get back on eventually since it was definitely good and Pain Shrink is a fan of such apps.
  • Lots of other stuff coming up....MM's family event, the aforementioned wedding, Turkey Day...deep breaths and a reminder that giving myself the rest I need is vital to making it through busy times.


Lee said...

I'll be happy when the election is over too. I really try to bite my tongue on facebook when it comes to election-related statuses, though there are definitely things that I want to say!

Annabelle said...

I haven't touched my Facebook in weeks, partly for that reason. I voted by mail and am doing my damndest to not take in any more political ads until it's all done!

Glad you're able to get out from time to time.