Friday, July 1, 2011

corny, cheesy alert...

I confess...I stole him.  We were at a NYE party and he was, apparently, slated to met a girl.  I'd actually jokingly requested a non-smoking boy with nice biceps to kiss at midnight.  He had a cigarette in hand when I walked in and I remember thinking that was a shame (he was more of a social smoker and has largely stopped for me so it was a false alarm).  But we talked a bit. 

Midnight passed with no kiss but later he was giving one hostess a backrub...apparently it was her attempt to show the target gal his talent. But I threw it all off by saying "Hey, not fair!" and he replied, "Don't worry, you're next."  My massage was longer (ummm...and a bit more thorough but still PG) and I didn't get a kiss that night.  But I did get one the next night when he invited me back over to the same house for a DVD night.  (aside: I'd hoped to hear from him but hadn't and finally gave in and got a huge cheese-stuffed stromboli-like meal as a hangover remedy...of course, he sent a message RIGHT after I finished and my belly was quite cheese stuffed...not ideal for hanging out with a new boy).

Today marks six months (another aside: I totally recommend 1/1 as a handy date for ease in calcuating such things).  I'm not one for monthly anniversary nods, but I'll make an exception at six.  And I'll risk making him blush by saying MM rocks and has made my heart fuller than I ever knew it could be.  I'd gone down the wrong road and I can't even describe how eye-opening the right one was...never knew I could feel so sure so quickly.  After the movie night, it was a week before he could come for a real date and we spent HOURS a night on the phone.  I hate the phone.  There were lapses and we'd watch food shows on silent but it was just easy and comfortable.  I love him dearly and shall include a few bullet points with some of the moments that made the last months so special:
  • He showed up for our first unchaperoned, real date with a single rose, red wine, and my cheese of preference (sharp cheddar).  He also had glasses, a plate, a knife, and a corkscrew so it was no effort for me.  He also scoped out a place that had tater tots because I'd mentioned them in our phone marathons.  The first time I drove out here (I despise driving and it was nearly 4h), he cooked (and is an awesome cook...totally the "hmmm...needs a dash of basil" type).
  • The first time he saw me in bad endo pain was when I was visiting him.  He sent a message offering to come home from work and bring me soup for lunch if it might provide some comfort.  The first time he saw me after I had a run-in with the binge monster (I'd told him about the issues in advance and let him know before he came home that I'd had a relapse), he was just perfect...he sat and listened but didn't try to hug me, showing an intuitive understanding that being touched is a huge no for me in that state).  He can't fix my demons and ailments but he helps me find the strength to fight them.  He also is great about my body image....listening to me and saying nice things without falling into the zone where it feels like my demons are being dismissed.
  • For Valentine's Day, he had a nice present and dinner plans but that wasn't what I'll remember.  He drew me a bath, with a rose petal path, lavender salts, and a towel pillow for my head.  Instead of trying to make it, ummm, more of an adult bath, he left me to enjoy it and relax.  And he made me a yummy egg white omelet with basil and feta.  Perfect.
  • He loves ducks and we fed them recently.  He preferred the ones that came close (I was a bit terrified by them), especially one that would grab bread from his hand.  But I was focused on Gimpy Ducky...a female with an injured foot who didn't have the speed to get much of the bread since the others snatched it first.  MM had better aim than I did so helped make sure Gimpy Ducky got a good snack by getting it right to her.  And he promised me Gimpy Ducky would be okay.  Some part-truths are okay :)  Gimpy Duck can go live on the farm with Cinnamon, the dog my folks had when I was born
  • He carried and assembled the treadmill I've always wanted.  And, in general, has totally made space for me in his former bachelor pad house.  He didn't hesitate to pull out a dresser for me and gave me lots of bathroom space (the four sisters helped him know even a non-makeup gal needs space).  He even understood or at least tolerated, my need for a personal safe-shelf in the pantry area.
  • More than anything else, I love that we can have simple time together.  I've realized that the word "content" is highly underrated....we can spend a quiet day on the couch, sometimes each doing our own thing (me: reading, him: playing video games or watching a car auction) and it is just easy.  And perfect.
I could go on but he's likely embarrassed enough.  Thanks, MM, for a wonderful start to 2011.  And thanks for the many more months to come.

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