Thursday, July 28, 2011

bulletpoints are enabling tools for the rambler

I confess....totally time for some bullet points.

  • I love my red wine, but I've also long wanted a "signature drink" as well.  I love the Friday's version of a Sidecar but it hasn't always come out well elsewhere.  A couple weeks ago, heat inspired a move away from red wine and a tiny alteration to a classic totally worked for me.  You should order "The Cheryl"...cranberry and VANILLA vodka, lime optional.  The vanilla softens it up and I can pretend it is healthy due to the juice (esp since one bar had light cran so less extra sugar).
  • I'm in love with Say Yes to the Dress.  I'm not a reality show watcher and I am also not the girly-girl type who is obsessed over wedding stuff.  I partly like the family dynamics that are showcased but I think I really just enjoy watching women of all shapes and sizes light up when they find something that makes them feel beautiful.  Yay for flattering rather than hiding and for celebrating beauty beyond supermodels.
  •  I have long pondered how we talk to little girls.  I've tried to steer away from a knee-jerk comment calling a young girl pretty or even praising her cute clothes or hair.  I was gratified to find that an online article raised this issue and got people talking about it.  But I still struggle with it a is simply easier to tell a kid they are cute than find a more constructive comment, especially in the context of a quick meeting.  Is it better to say nothing at all or fall back on a focus on the physical?
  • The back doc said it is likely I'll be a smidge taller post-surgery, partly from standing straighter without pain and also from the insert.  He laughed when I suggested I wanted to be 5'6" (I round up to 5'4") but I'll take a few millimeters.  He also laughed when I asked if he could remove the "pooch" since they are going in through the lower abdomen.
  • Toenail polish is definitely one of the perks of being a girl (well...controversy-free polish).  I tend to be a pretty simple gal in terms of clothing and I rarely paint my fingernails, but I love fun colors on my toes.  They are currently quite blue (bonus points for covering yet another injured toenail) and they make me smile.  I have especially enjoyed a fun color like silver on them in the winter when no one sees them so they are my little secret for myself.
  • A bit back, a website with lot of little posts had a story on a woman nabbing a guy trying to rob her store, tying him up, feeding him Viagra and raping him for days.  The story turned out to be a hoax but that didn't leave me any happier since my true shock was at the comments.  A good 75% of the replies said it was hilarious, awesome, or justified (he was an unarmed burglar).  Beyond disgusted by the replies that NEVER would have been there if there was a gender flip.  This may become a larger topic in the was an especially severe example of tolerating disparate treatment that includes "Fix My Man" segments, Dumb Husband TV ads, and an ad with a girl cyber-stalking the boy who "doesn't know he's my boyfriend...yet."
  • I am still applying to a range of jobs.  My focus is simply things I would do well, where my skills would transfer to a new settings, and things I might enjoy.  It made me smile to get a reply from one hiring person noting I was a lawyer and applying for quite a non-lawyer gig.  Loved that he ASKED rather than tossing me aside.  And that he seemed to really enjoy my lengthy reply.
  • I'm mentally creating a lineup of On Demand TV episodes for recovery.  I'd suggested the upgraded cable in the bedroom wasn't really needed, but I'll appreciate the docs say even 20min of sitting will be a struggle for some time.
  • Still debating the blog revamp mentioned yesterday. I kinda like being free-flowing but I'm also quite the fan of structure (I know, you're shocked...).

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Lee said...

Im with you on the toenail polish. I like pedicures but hardly ever get manicures. "The Cheryl" sounds like a good drink to me. I might have to try it.