Friday, April 8, 2011

b/c i lack the focus for a more insightful post

I confess...I have a longer post flitting around my head that's inspired by the book Such a Pretty Fat, but I'm not feeling quite up to the level of commitment a real post requires.  So, you're getting the much loved (well, by me) bullet points..
  • I got the court date for the divorce hearing.  I hate that MA makes you appear in person (and then wait 90d more).  I do understand they want to be assured of consent and that there are economic concerns, but it really is a pain.  It took five minutes to get the license to say "I do" and it takes eons to say "I don't."
  • I've gotten back into the reading before going to sleep habit.  It really is a source of joy for me so I'm quite glad MM can fall asleep with the light on.  I'm finishing up The Space Between Us.  I only put my Harper reviews here but I review other books I've read on Goodreads (username clg1213).  I also use the site to help pick new books, looking at what a few friends read and also at the general reviews.  It is interesting to compare the reviews on Goodreads to those on Amazon.
  • I have stopped watching Bones but feel the odd need to skim plot summaries.  I'm behind on Parenthood and The Good Wife but can catch up on those via On Demand.
  • I love pickles.  Dill, not bread & butter.
  • I had an MRI for my back on Wednesday.  It was my third and the first time I had a machine with music.  I have no issue with small spaces...I get claustrophobic in crowds but kind of enjoy small spots alone...but the MRI noise is terrible.  I could still hear the clamour, but could hear the music too.  Dar helped me relax and helped the time pass.  I think it is funny that the MRI in central PA has music but the two different places in Boston (one city, one metro area) did not.
  • I heard a commercial the other days that advertised "food for your fat dogs."  I'd heard ads for diet dog food before but this seemed blunt.  It made much more sense when I realized it was actually "food for your cats and dogs."
  • The weather is nutty.  That is all I shall say on that.
  • I got a haircut last week and was talking to the lady about having learned to dry my hair upside down for a bit.  It isn't for volume...I dry it right-way after to eliminate any added volume since I have plenty...but just to get the underneath parts dry.  It sounds so silly to say a hair habit was "life-changing" but it really added 10-15 minutes to every day, certainly helped my hair health, and saved my arms from much discomfort. 
  • I watched the YouTube video with the babbling twins way too many times.  It fascinates me and shows so much about the innate nature of language.
  • The peanut butter no-bake cookies at Sheetz are a new addition to my favorite things list.  Gas prices are not.
  • I get distracted by dogs on TV.  Or playing outside.  Or in passing cars (luckily, I tend to be a passenger).
  • RiteAid keeps printing out "save $3 when you spend $15" survey coupons on my receipts.  They have totally hooked me.  I know better but I find myself coming up with stuff I need so I can use them.

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