Thursday, January 6, 2011

rambling rambler

I confess...I kind of want to make the first bullet point into its own full post but my attention span is short today.  So, some of the current thoughts rambling through my head:
  • Two other blogs that I follow have had women discussing physical issues lately.  One blogger does often but the current post are pretty personal matters and the other blogger noted she usually doesn't share health stuff.  I don't know if people enjoy reading the various health posts (and I'm including the food issues in that category), but I think it is really important to be open about this stuff.  I appreciate reading honest accounts of other people's fights and get strength from them.  I hope that even one person reads my posts and feels less alone.  I hate seeing people I care for struggle, but it really does help to know people can understand.  A woman recently remarked on my description of "going away" when the pain got really bad...I honestly hadn't been sure if that was just my oddity and it helped to hear from someone else.  I hope I provide that.  Plus, sometimes I just need to vent :P
  • I decided that my body was going to resolve to be nicer to me in 2011.  It hasn't gotten the message yet.
  • Speaker Boehner is not a pretty crier.  I think it is good when men can cry (even men I wouldn't have voted for), but he just doesn't do it well.  And a woman who cried as much as he does would NEVER be tolerated.  I'd have found it moving that he was a bit choked up when he was sworn in (again, even though I'd have preferred different results) if I didn't think he might actually cry over spilled milk.
  • A friend recently made a FB post about her daughter mis-hearing a song lyric, one that she was glad the girl misheard since it wasn't too child-friendly. It made me recall the days in Charlottesville when they had three different versions of "Wasn't Me" in rotation. One had the regular, admittedly PG-13 lyrics, "Picture us we were both buck naked, banging on the bathroom floor." The other was a bit toned down: "love on the bathroom floor."  The third won the prize: "Picture us we were both in aprons, cleaning up the bathroom floor." 
  • I am holding a review of The Oracle of Stamboul in my queue because I promised to release in on a specific date.  I was nervous when I agreed to be part of a rolling blog review.  I always post honest reviews (and Harper has NEVER asked me to do otherwise), but this felt a bit more pressure.  Luckily, I absolutely loved it.  I expect it will be on the Best of 2011 list and know it will be well-worn.
  • I hate when online job applications ask you to fill in all your information including details on the jobs and your education and THEN have you attach your resume.  I do understand that reviewing resumes is a lot of work, but I don't really see how making me type it all multiple times helps.
  • My mom and step-dad are travelling so it is only me in the house. Today is trash day and it amused me that there's much less regular trash but not a big change in the recyclable bin. Yeah, I'm a diet soda addict.
  • Emotionally, the divorce thing is in the past and I'm beyond it.  The paperwork is another story.  I do understand the reasons why it is more complicated than getting married but it still baffles me how easy it is to get married.  I do still think I did it "right"...we'd been together for nearly four years...but, in most states, you could marry someone you met minutes before.  Well, so long as you're straight...b/c clearly allowing Britney Spears to marry that Jason guy was affirming marriage but allowing a gay couple who've been together for years is not (insert sarcasm smiley here).
  • Last night, I was asked if I thought it was true that nice guys finish last.  My answer wasn't something I'd really thought about before, but I liked it and think it is a good one.  I don't think nice guys finish last, I think they just don't brag about their victories.

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lee said...

Great answer about the nice guys. It's totally true. And as I said on FB, I love bullet points!