Thursday, December 16, 2010

guilty pleasures

I confess...I'm wanting to wallow. The endo pain is at the point where I want to curl up and cry, but I'm trying to distract myself a bit. I've taken medicine but it is only helping a bit. And I felt bad about it since I'm running low and feel bad asking for more. Anyway, the idea here is to move on so I'm going to confess to some guilty pleasures...

  • I've watched a lot more TV in recent months but I limit what counts as a guilty pleasure (though I'm hard pressed to put that into a definition...if you have read this blog, you'll know that is frustrating). Glee is a guilty pleasure because of the cheese-factor (despite some very serious storylines) and because anything where they regularly burst into song counts. Community is a new love and I'm not sure why I'm a little embarrassed about it...maybe b/c of how much I like Abed. The View is AWFUL but terrific treadmill company. I stand by my Gilmore Girls love but tend not to re-watch anything so the daily 5PM reruns fall into guilt-land.
  • You know I love my sweets. Most of them are limited to my "off" days, but Chocolate Goldfish are in my daily plan and a bit of a blush-er in the grocery cart. On a different note, the Mousse-style SF Jello cups are an odd texture but I've become addicted.
  • I spend a LOT of time online....I could go on for a while about that fact in itself. My new guilty web indulgence is The Frisky. It's a mix of gossip and random girl chat with a good number of daily updates. I read several forums on Television Without Pity daily (mostly in the Potluck area). I'm awaiting the new incarnation of Ask Ausiello...I don't read most of the articles since I don't watch too many of the shows he covers, but I've become a spoiler-seeker (and that's a guilty admission too).
  • I subscribe to two magazines. I really think Women's Health is of decent quality so it isn't a guilty pleasure. Glamour totally is. Again, it's treadmill candy. I used to get a bit embarrassed reading some of the sex-related articles in public but I've gotten over that. At my current gym, they don't have a great selection of mags there (I leave mine...I think others should return the favor) so I've been known to glance at an Us Weekly or Entertainment. The guilty pleasure becomes guiltier since they are often way out of date.
  • I got a new purse around August. I'd had my old one for at least 5 years and it was time. The new one is a bit bigger. My mom considers it small but I don't carry much since I'm not a make-up gal and I carry a spare contact rather than my glasses. The guilty admission...I love that it is the perfect size for a paperback. That makes me happy (and makes me relate to Rory from the aforementioned Gilmore Girls who brought books everywhere).
  • I've mentioned this one before, but I get some of my workout clothes from the girls department in Target. I consider myself pretty average sized (well, these days that's tough to say...I'm a healthy size) but the L or XL fits and the girls stuff saves a few bucks. I've gotten one regular shirt there as well (usually I pay the extra for normal clothes b/c the shape is different).
  • Gum. A lot. It's not healthy, but especially helpful keeping me from noshing all day when I'm home. It's made a guiltier pleasure b/c it drives me nuts to hear other people chewing gum. I usually do it alone or at least without someone in chew-hearing-distance.
  • As winter settles in, I'm even more inclined to hide under the covers in the morning (again, an unemployment side effect). I'll often read but sometimes I just curl up and turn my mind off and enjoy the blankets and my new Total Pillow.
  • I know it isn't skin-friendly, or earth-friendly, but I love HOT showers. I am usually in and out in about five minutes on a normal day but longer on deep-conditioner days. Yes, it is good for my frizz-prone hair and I do see the difference it makes. But part of me knows it's an excuse for a longer shower (it needs to stay on for 3-5 minutes). And that might account for deciding I need to use it twice a week.
  • Facebook. Sorry for all the updates. No hurt feelings if you hide them.

There are more but I think I'm done distracting myself and ready to wallow a bit.


Lesley said...

Hang in there. Endo sucks - a lot.

I leave my magazines places as well, offices, gyms and waiting rooms.

lee said...

I definitely share in a good amount of your guilty pleasures.

Sorry you're hurting.