Wednesday, December 1, 2010

and so on...

I confess...I was trying to avoid my trademark bullet-points, but I'm giving in...

  • Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate. When I was very young, my mom and I only had a one bedroom apartment. My "room" was actually a dining area...a small space off the kitchen. But I didn't know it...there's a beauty in being five, I suppose. At Hanukkah, my mom put the menorah on the half wall between my room and the kitchen and it made me happy.
  • I continue to wait for us to get rid of legalized discrimination on the basis of sexuality. As I've said before, I hope that in a generation or two, the kids are as baffled by these bars as we are when we think of bans on interracial marriage etc. But my tendency to want the right words is putting me in an odd spot...I can't fully say we need to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." I want people to be as open as they choose, to "tell" if they so desire. But I don't think we should be asking...
  • I never excelled at foreign languages but I recall a French teacher saying it meant you were on the way to fluency when you dreamt in the new language. I've had several dreams recently about pain...really, I didn't want to be fluent in that.
  • I was discharged from PT. I know I got stronger, but the pain wasn't better. I thought I was more flexible but she said it was just a few CMs and that it wasn't enough to satisfy the insurance folks.
  • It says so much about our world that there are PSAs telling people to stay home from work when they are sick.
  • I drink way too much diet soda. I often recall an exchange with a friend (hi, L!) about how sometimes we really liked the tickle of the bubbles. I'm totally wanting that these days...maybe due to dry air from the heat.
  • I was sick last week with a tummy bug. With me, that means I get another week with the endo bad. This is when I question whether my immune system is bad or REALLY good but confused. Whenever any bug hits, the endo and hives fire up for a while.
  • I mentioned this in the last post, but one of the things I do enjoy about unemployment is slow mornings. I like to linger, then get the contacts and teeth in shape, grab a beverage, and slip back into bed to read under the covers for an hour. It rivals my post-workout shower as a favorite time of day.
  • Ben Affleck is about to be on Ellen. Clearly, I need to go.
  • But, first -- I have three exciting phone interviews coming up. Send good vibes!


Lauren Starks said...

Mmmm... Bubbles. The one thing I absolutely miss the most with my current foray to cut back/out soda. (sigh)

The Don't Ask Don't Tell is a huge debate in our house. James, ex-military, is obviously in favor. He gives me some argument about separate barracks and separate battalions of gay folk. I give him the stink eye and tell him not every gay man wants to sleep with him.

Sigh. Maybe we should knock out inequality in the military between Men and Women firs. (Yep, still there too).

James keeps telling me I'm getting to liberal in my old age. I point out that I've always been more socially liberal, fiscally conservative. *shrug*

Kick ass on your interviews. Especially any that bring you back to the ATL (although LSU would be cool, too - I get to BR about 1nce a year) :)

JAG said...

Knock em dead on your interviews. I will have my call schedule on the weekend.

lee said...

I know that L is Lauren and not me, but i like the tickle of bubbles too. Although, I'm trying to stop drinking it. I haven't had a diet coke in two days!

lee said...

Also, good luck in your interviews.