Friday, July 24, 2009


I is time for a rambly list:
  • I continue to try to compliment strangers. One woman said I made her day when I praised her glasses. Another glared at me for saying she had cute sandals.
  • I am torn on the whole Gates thing. Honestly, I think everyone had a hand in it...the caller made assumptions and the police did too....but I also think Gates' reaction was probably a big issue too. His reaction certainly stemmed from cultural history, but it could have been diffused more easily. I think there should be more of a conversation where both sides can learn from each other than an apology. The officer needs to understand Gates's viewpoint and Gates needs to listen a bit too.
  • I think it is good to reward healthy habits. But it is unfair to make a prize for weight loss or an insurance incentive to quit smoking. I don't smoke and am at a relatively healthy size to start...why can't I get any rewards?
  • There is a one man play called "My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish, and I'm in Therapy." I'm not in therapy and my parents are reversed but I still think I merit a free ticket.
  • I frequently have ONE sore glute. The same one.
  • Don't recommend any products you love to me. If I like them, they WILL stop making them or change the formula. In recent months, my yogurt and soup changed formulas. My South Beach lunch wraps are no longer. My hair care line seems to have gone away. They discontinued the snack pack bags of Corn Pops I have with my afternoon snack.
  • I chew way too much gum.
  • I saw a resume on Monster today titled "Work Wanted!!!". Ummm, would you be posting if you weren't looking?
  • I told a tot in the garage that he must have been a good little boy to get the plane he was showing off to the boy and I. I was quickly corrected that he is four and thus a big boy. I have learned my lesson.

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