Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I confess...this time it's my fault.

I broke with pattern and we had a "splurge" night last night. Kabob plates, wine, ice cream, etc. It was yummy. And it isn't that I had too much wine. However, while I'm really sure my pain issues are in the gyn arena thanks to the location, it is always worse when I eat too much. I also end up not sleeping well which = run down which = more pain. Add in a false fire alarm at 2AM (really, this is the freakin' 10th at least sine we've been here...I'm getting burned up if it is ever real b/c I don't even consider going outside) and it was a rough night and I feel crappy today.

Enough so I that I finally called in sick and stuck with it. That is in contrast to two time recently when I called in sick at 4:45AM, slept a bit (vs. headed down for my date with the treadmill), and then un-called in sick.

Really, that's fine. I get a lump sum of 20 days off (sick, vacay, personal etc....less than it sounds given that we get very few holidays) and haven't used any yet. Between surgery, my BIL's wedding, and turkey day and holiday travel, I have 11 others allotted out. Rationally, this 12th day is so fine. It's still oddly hard for me to call in though....even though work is anything but exciting these days. Funny, in HS I took a ton of sick days...and that's in spite of having to be the "good student" and all that.

I'll get over it....When is Golden Girls on???

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