Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I confess....I have lots of thoughts but most aren't developed enough for a full post (or already have been a full post).
  • It hurts my heart to see the results in Maine. When will people realize that it AFFIRMS marriage to allow two adults who love each other to join in its union?? Couples who just met can wed but not long-term partners with deep commitment?? Religion should not be't can approve it and churches can decide on their own.
  • BUT, ultimately, I still don't like voting on basic civil rights.
  • I also don't think judges should be elected. This isn't a perfect summary of my view, but to share:
  • To the BC High boy on my train last night, an apology would have been nice after you whacked me with your backpack when you swung it back on.
  • I finally get my permanent crown today and am hopefully done with the dentist for a while. It was crazy expensive...I wonder what it would have been had I NOT been at a "preferred provider"
  • I had mid-week kabobs (and ice cream etc) last night. I want to be okay with this but still feel guilty. Maybe b/c my tummy was too full and kept me up all night.
  • I am well ahead of pace for my "average miles per day" for the year. I should use this time to cut back. I think I might be healthier (in several senses) at a lower goal and this is the perfect time to put that in action...I can drop the weekly goal a good bit and still end up "on track" for the year. With my head as it is, this is the PERFECT time to enact that change (and then keep the lower goal forward)...I'm not sure I can explain that mentality very well. It is still hard.
  • I need new sneakers but don't want to spend the $$$. Why are the ones I like (and that work better for me) also the more expensive ones???
  • I am working very hard (at work) and seeing very little reward. This is wearing on me.
  • I do appreciate that it is now light on the way to work. Since it is currently morning, I can temporarily ignore what that translates into for the way home.
  • Facebook has let me better appreciate that I have run into some pretty cool people in my 31 years who do and think amazing things....many of whom I'd never still follow if not for the network.
  • I like Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.
  • I like sugarless chewing gum.
  • I like deep red wines that only REAL red wine drinkers would like.

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OlyQueerKid said...

Maine made me sad too. Hell, it made everyone sad. It's going to be a long battle. Better settle in with a few bottles of that red wine.