Monday, November 2, 2009


I confess...I think I'm doing my civic duty, but others may disagree.

Election Day is tomorrow. There is a mayoral election in Quincy, where we live, and I believe it is a decent contest. But I'm not voting. I believe in an informed electorate and I am not informed. I do not think I should just pull the Democrat lever (or draw in the line as the ballots are here) simply out of habit. I think you should know who you are voting for and why.

An obvious solution would be to do some research. I'm decidedly unmotivated to do this. Which makes me feel even more firm in deciding not to vote. I'm not feeling vested in the election. Perhaps I'd feel differently if we owned instead of rented or had children in the school system or something like that...but I don't. It seems wrong to vote just out of vote just to vote. I think you should vote because you care and are educated and support someone.

When I do vote (which is pretty regularly), I actually often leave blank the races that where I couldn't even name the candidates.

I will vote when we have the election to replace Kennedy. I'd vote in Maine tomorrow if they let me (go equal marriage!!). But I feel like my civic duty includes knowing when NOT to vote. Criticize away....

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