Thursday, May 28, 2009

short rambles/rants

I confess...I don't know how to spell-out a good *throat clearing noise*

  • It bugs me more than it probably should when applicants write "Dear Sir" on emails that come in to our general office email address. I know "Dear Sir or Madam" is cumbersome, but still... I have NO problems with some use of him/his as a filler for our lack of gender neutral pronouns and think that has become acceptable shorthand in most circles. I haven't heard that "Dear Sir" is an acceptable address when you don't know the recipient's gender.
  • I tried and failed to not get annoyed at the mom and sick kid on my train. I told myself they might be on the way to a doctor and might not have any other transport. I still cringed every time he coughed, especially once he sat down next to me and when he seemed like he actively tried to touch every pole and surface around (even though it so wasn't intentional, he clearly felt awful).
  • It is May 28. I wore my hat and scarf. I was glad I had them...and still cold. New England is mean.
  • I think the kabob place needs to get a Frequent Buyer Punchcard. We should get some reward for how often we go there (lately though a few too many midweek treats...).
  • I am tired of hearing the phrase "The man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller". I do think it is funny they had a whole discussion about what to call him at trial and the Judge decided to just call him "the defendant" (though I wouldn't like that as defense counsel).
  • What is it that makes me unable to pass up free stuff? I took an energy drink can from a gal outside the T today. I don't drink those, especially ones with sugar. But I also figured they are pricey and I couldn't NOT take a three dollar handout. I preferred though when they had Quaker Minis a few times...I already buy those so saved money by trying to grab a few (not their goal).
  • Happy three year and one day anniversary, Boy.

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